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SO Much For These SO Called Professional’s WITH Headline Like This : Older people dying for want of social care at rate of three an hour

Makes me glad am not professional BUT dose not make it right when we also have flu heating cost and crisis in social care.

Truly shocking how those in elder years are neglected WHEN it was then give so much TO make country what is today.

We can see today BY neglect if was upto today’s generation and professional’s WHAT will our country look like in next 100 years

Age UK estimates that between last general election and next, 74,000 of cohort in England have died or will die waiting for care.

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Shocking statistics JAS that make difficult reading. Let’s hope things improve and soon. Xxx

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Don’t think much as or will MPs ministers PROFESSIONAL’s to busy worrying about EU brexit and gravy train 🚂 the might miss out on TO change out.

Do like picture Enep think and I said what they couldn’t think 🤔

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I think there's a bigger picture and problem with regard to the elderly in the United Kingdom today, and I say this as a 71 year old woman. It's a general creeping disrespect throughout the whole of society, for old age. I believe that nothing will improve for the elderly until we restore respect to them through education, starting with the very young. Only this morning two young men, probably in their mid 20s, hurrying along the road, just expected me to jump out of their way and were hell bent on pushing past me, almost knocking me over. I stood still as a protest so that they were forced to go around me and this led to eye-rolling and muttering. I frequently suffer this sort of indignity.

For many of the younger generation descriptive words such as 'disgusting', 'smelly', 'wrinkly' or useless are commonplace and this has led to the gradual erosion of respect and understanding that, short of death at an early age, we are ALL eventually going to suffer the degradation of our rights in old age.

You can't expect anyone to look after the elderly in a compassionate way, or consider their needs, when it's considered OK to treat them as invisible, or bumbling nuisances, or to leave them lonely on their own for weeks on end. This filters down through the whole of society from government, through the NHS, and social services.

We were once, as a nation, fairly infamous for our cold treatment of children. That has changed radically, and now the same thing needs to change at the other end of the spectrum. No-one will stand up or care properly for us, unless everyone is taught to understand that old age is a part of life and one which is inescapable.

But thanks for flagging this up and giving me a chance to get on my soap box!

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Sadly it’s all to true what your saying BUT rest assured when I take my dad out he as lot to say about ignorant indervidules with no consideration for others CLEARLY in my protection BUT he is quite right

Was reading about the young disabled girl from coronation street and she was saying same CLEARLY things need to change or they will create MONSTER of society well if you could call it that.

Resently I was at council office with reg blind mate WELL partly sighted and enough to be classed as blind.

He’s quite chap but am not ... anyway reception women told mate to register using there computer’s and when I asked for help AS he was blind THEY could not do.

But I looked on wall and if needed interpretater COULD have choice of twelve.

Clearly am in wrong mentioning inequality among minority groups such as disabled and sick 🤕

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No not wrong at all JAS. You are a great example of someone who really does champion the cause of those who don’t receive the level of care that they should. But in this fast and greedy world it would be so much nicer if more people were like you, and thought more of the weaker in society. So of course you should go on looking out for them. We need more people of conscience like you, not less. Very best wishes.

Very well put @Callendersgal ... you are absolutely correct and my worry is by the time the youth to young adults stop concentrating on social media and 1,000 "selfies" per hour, we can expect nothing from the vast majority of them. However before you start boo-ing me, there is a certain percentage if the next generation who could turn it all around but its one hell of an ask. Difficult times ahead ..... more so than now!😪

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Totally agree with all you say SquirrelsHolt and absolutely, there are young people who show the other side of the coin and are decent caring people. I live in a large complex of apartments, most of which are occupied by young people and there's a proportion of them who are really great. Hold doors for me, offer to take my shopping to the door etc. Let's hope there are enough to spread the message of human kindness, or, as you say, the next generation to reach old age are going to be in real trouble.

Sorry to reply as i can imagine you are a busy lady 🐝but this on such a huge scale and when the BBC News or whoever does a report on it, the figures dont mean very much to the up and coming generation. I can remember thinking when i was only 18/19 years old that I'd never be alive to reach 60!! This needs to be shown for example :- for each of your 10 friends , 6 or 7 will need care in their later years and some will not get past 50. The medical help theyll need wont be in place as by then the NHS will be on its ar**? So worrying and it would be so upsetting if it was left to just burn itself out!😟

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to SquirrelsHolt

No problem SquirrelsHolt, I'm always up for a bit of a debate, especially when the subject's so dear to our hearts.

I can't actually envision what will happen with the next generation of elderly. I guess more people will have bigger pensions so maybe more will be able to buy their old age care, but in reverse, more people now seem to live for today and home ownership is falling.

I don't suppose anyone young really considers being old. I didn't very much, though I always had a bit of a heart for the elderly and from an early age got involved in visiting them, as a cadet in the British Red Cross Society. I did see a very different picture of old age when I lived for a time in Germany, where the pension system pays out reasonably generously and there's quite a lot of State help. And later elsewhere, in a society where the older generation was better respected and more people looked after their own elderly relatives.

I don't really know what we can do to turn it around here, but definitely trying to make young people understand that the elderly aren't a separate species, as you suggest, would certainly be a very good start!

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

Very well said Callendersgal. Sad but true. I try to be optimistic but have to agree with you 100%. Nobody is getting younger after all.

At nearly 67 I’m finding myself invisible or patronised because I’m elderly. I won’t tolerate it though and raise myself to my full height (5’3”) before telling people very politely what I think.

I’m still hoping things improve but it has to start now. Respect to all, no matter what age. Xxxxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Fabulous sassy59! I now have this glorious vision in my head of your taking a deep breath,raising up to your full 5’3” and going for it!

I was lucky enough to live within a society that respected and included its elders, but then in 2010 stepped off the plane that brought me back to UK and, as you said, vanished; completely invisible. And the patronisation is rife, throughout society. We can only stand up for ourselves and refuse to be victims of this. And to hope that society will one day awaken to the realisation that they too will become the generation of carers and cared-for, and at least adopt an attitude of ‘do as you would be done by’.

Wishing both you and Pete all the best. X

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

My sentiments exactly Callendersgal. Very best wishes to you too. Xxxx

Good morning Jeff, nice to see you are still having your say about our poor elderly care. I am one of those who campaigns for better conditions for older people, however I see the same picture as you (professional & academics dining ect at the cost of other services) They have no idea of how it is for those losing their independence through age after having worked all their lives, often in poor conditions for poor wages we seem to have comme full circle back to the dark ages of soup kitchens ect . Hope you are well , I am waiting for an op on my knee its taken 12 months to get to this stage. Not much fun for those of us who are not well is it Jeff. Keep warm Ps have you heard the latest those over 70 to be banned from voting Bah Humbug , takes away any minimal say we might have and our democratic right to vote on our own care requirements.

I think some youngsters have resentment to our age group because it was easier back in the day to buy a house. Also many had final salary pension schemes. Baby boomers. They think everything in the garden is lovely.

I think we also get the blame for voting to leave the EU when they have more future to worry about than older people.

I was once called a wrinkly by someone quite close to me. I quickly told them I found that term offensive and although I think it was said affectionately I thought it was best to quickly squash it.

I also think it was because of our age that my Husband was told to go to hospital for a routine check and dressing. They quickly found appointments at the GP when I complained.

On the positive side a young person helped me get a suitcase off a train and when my husband felt ill in town he was approached by a young person who asked if he could help and called my husband sir. So it is not all bad news.

The thing that really concerns me now is the lack of care for the elderly and carers. A dangerous government and I really hope for every vulnerable persons sake we have seen the back of them.

Morning JAS and it's so lovely when a far younger person offers to help an older or disabled,frail basically someone who so clearly,could do with a helping hand! Good on that person 👏

BUT, it's no good pointing out the very few who are helpful as in different cultures the elderly are looked upon as heads of the families,even though there may only be a very small number in that family. Our "click click"culture today will come back and bite our younger generation in a few years as the BOTOX wears off and they can't manage the menopause etc etc. It's so sad and I can't for the life of me see any quick resolution to all the non existent elderly care. Heart breaking 💔.

All I can say is,i am appalled and disgusted how people are treated.It is shameful.

Latest one is that council care lines are thinking of charging £26 to come out and pick up those vulnerable people who have fallen at home! Daylight bloody robbery and such an insult to care, as well as making people victims in their own homes. Bad enough that they have fallen, and pay an annual fee to be monitored/checked on every 3 months or so. How dare they get old?? Expecting tv licences, blue badges, co-funded support. Pah! Whatever next?? All that most of them did was give 60 years to the UK workforce, paying to care for others thru their own tax and NI contributions. Or staying home to bring up families and all that that entails with regard to loss of earnings etc., and sacrifice.

Who pays to pick up drink ridden idiots in town centres any/every night of the week? Who pays when they start a fight (with or without weapons) and get hurt/hurt others? They can waste money on drugs and alcohol, but expect the free care they can get getting to hospitals as a result of their own choice, and care therein! GROWL!

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