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And now I'm back to work.....

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Hi all,

I was reading part of an article in a daily newspaper online this morning (couldn't see it all as it's not one I subscribe to), but I read enough for an interesting point to catch my eye.

The writer was an active carer for his mum and the point has come, at this stage in the pandemic when he is due to return to working from his office instead of at home.

He's quite distraught about this as he says he's given her much better care (understandably) by being at home with her and she's come to enjoy his company daily and the days will feel long and lonely to her again. Added to that there are all the other considerations like safety.

One of the very few positives to come out of this horrible time is that many more people have been able to give better care and spend more quality time with their loved ones.

I can see a case for people who are in the position of this man, who has been successfully working from home for quite some time now, to be allowed to continue to do so. And wouldn't it be of huge help to many people to be able to? It's not a luxury which can be afforded to every worker, of course, but if it's possible and there are no productivity issues, why on earth not? I think he ought to be able to put forward a case for providing effective care for his mum by remaining at home while continuing to do his job. We're struggling to come up with ideas for making Care more do-able for busy people on a shoe-string budget, so why not start with this?

What do you all think?

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I totally agree Callendersgal, why shouldn’t that man or anyone else continue to work from home and provide much needed care for a loved one. I’m sure many will thrive under such circumstances. A great post with good points that need debating. Take care xxx👍💜

I see nothing but positive points in this person’s situation to stay home. Changes, even for the better, sometimes takes time before they are adopted. Right now, businesses are testing the waters as how to proceed during this pandemic, while at the same time, pushing for a return to normalcy, although IMO prematurely. There are two issues for the need of change. Safety and improved, inexpensive ways for at home care. Definitely a subject to push for public awareness.

I can't see any reason why he shouldn't continue to work from home and he should make a strong case to management how they will benefit from the arrangement and how he will as well and perhaps offer a compromise about working from home a couple of days a week to keep everyone happy.

I remember at my previous job asking for compressed hours and got told no and got fobbed off with silly excuses of why it couldn't happen.

without doubt people are happier and more content living at home and their health improves enormously in most cases,and in my experience care home s have a lot to answer for,because many,not all,dont care very much at all.i do hope this caring man can get something sorted that will enable him to still work from home.

How are you coping and how are the dogs getting on?

They will be envious when you tell them that our ginger tabby Baby got trout for her treat on Monday!

well,i am kind of coping ok ish,and my dogs are very content.thankyou for asking.

I agree with you whole heartedly. I think carers needs should be taken into account by employers. After all, they are heroes for continuing to work and care at the same time. Their lives should be made as easy as possible because of their extra duties. I think some companies are changing and taking this into account, but others are rigid in their approach. There is a good deal of evidence to show that productivity and staff retention increases if employers show care and flexibility towards their staff.

When I got refused compressed hours at my old job say if it was a small place that couldn't offer it to anyone and just did traditional part and full time work then I wouldn't have been cross.

What it was that upset me was the way that they were unfair over my request rather than not having got it in itself.

With that job what upset me wasn't nothing getting the things I had requested in themselves no what did upset me was the way management was unfair over them.

entirely agree

I agree too ! Let the poor man continue to work from home .He is obviously doing his job with less worry about his mum. It also relieves the traffic congestion at rush hour with less traffic on the roads. I know several people who are now working full time from home and are praying that their status won't change. They tell me that they even work through what would have been their commute time . Mookie Fox1234

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