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Severe back pain

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My mother is suffering from severe back pain for the past six months. I have read that people suffering from most types of low back pain are often referred for physiotherapy for at least four weeks as an initial treatment option before considering other treatments including back surgery.

One of my friends also recommends about this. She suggested consulting one of the physiotherapists( ) and get more information regarding this.

Does anyone here have any idea regarding this? If yes, please do share your experience.

5 Replies
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Hi, yes many GPS refer for physiotherapy. It can make a huge difference as many people do not exercise their muscles enough and it can cause huge problems. It takes time and effort on the part of the patient and It won't be successful unless they put this in. However, if it works, it will set your mum up for life as she will have strategies to use to ease the pain. It is well worth a try. Also, an X-ray could help with diagnosis and help give some answers as it's very upsetting not knowing and understanding what is wrong with you. I hope you manage to get some answers for your mum and that her pain is eased. Wishing you well.

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Hello John, yes physio could help your mother so the GP could do a referral. Back pain is horrible, I’ve had back problems on and off for 40 years.

I hope your mothers back improves with help. Xxxx

Hi JohnRPrado,

A warm welcome to this community, which exists mostly for carers to offer support and help to each other. As such it's not possible for us to give particular recommendations for any kind of private medical practice. Whilst we welcome everyone here, it's largely focused on the health and care services as found in the United Kingdom.

In general though, physiotherapy is often very useful in relieving some kinds of back pain, but it's always important to consider this in conjunction with advice from a person's general medical practitioner. It could never be a mistake to have that consultation first, as there may be an underlying problem which isn't muscular-skeletal, and that needs further investigation before any kind of therapy is begun.

I see that you seem to be located outside the UK which also means that procedures for accessing medical advice and assistance may be very different to ours, but I wish you success in finding some help for your mother's pain.

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I have had back pain for years, I had a new knee in August and back pain went straight away. Since Christmas I have been trying to walk more, but back pain is coming back. Could it be how she walks. I think mine is,

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Hi John,

Welcome to this supportive community. The responses you have received are perfect and bang on the money. It would help for your mum's local doctor to have some tests done including an MRI, ultrasound, X Rays and possibly bone density scan (DEXA) as well as routine blood tests. These can then inform her doctor's decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment. There can be many reasons for back pain, and it would be better to know what she is dealing with. Back pain can not only be a musculoskeletal problem, but can also be referred pain from other medical conditions which could be overlooked (please don't be alarmed or jump to conclusions) for example, pancreatic cancer. So it is best to get her tested out fully before discussing treatment options.

Do keep in touch and let us know how you both get on.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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