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Turkey or mouse?


Hi everyone,

I've just received an email from an acquaintance who lives in India. It was in reply to one I sent to her yesterday, explaining our Christmas traditions like turkey, holly and mince pies.

Unfortunately though, in my haste, I had missed a vital letter out of mince pies. And her mail sounds slightly revolted, as she asks if we really do eat mice in UK! I'd better get right back to her and set the record straight.

Anyone ready for a lovely mice pie? I think I'll stick to turkey, thanks.

I hope that no matter how stressful the lives of carers and cared-for are, you'll all manage to find a little time to relax and remember that the real Christmas spirit is all about love and compassion.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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That made me laugh Callendersgal. Hope you do set the record straight. Xxxx

Happy Christmas. We are trying to humanely rid our farmhouse of little mices, but never considered a pie. But that wouldn't be humane would it? We have got through quite a bit if choccie to entice them, but think we may have just one determined little critter left. Have a lovely day Callendersgal and to everyone else, and thanks for making me chuckle.

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And merry Christmas to you too Xsitch38. I hope you manage to get rid of your last pesky lodger without having to resort to a pie, Best wishes.

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