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Carers Card discounts


Hi everyone,

I had an extended wait for an appointment with our GP Practice Nurse yesterday and whilst idly gazing at the notice boards (as you do), I noticed that there was a prominent one for those who are unpaid carers, with some information about accessing a locally available discount card, supported by all sorts of businesses. It seems it's part of a Mencap project, but is available to any unpaid carer who is caring for an adult over 18.

Nosy as I am, I had a look online at its website, and there were quite a lot of well know businesses signed up to the scheme, most offering a 10% discount on a range of things from goods to meals out. Sadly this particular card was specifically for carers who are resident in Southampton, but a further online search revealed that there are others. It might be worth taking a look online or on notice boards in your area, to see if there's one available where you are, because, as a certain supermarket chain is always telling us, "every little helps".

Best wishes.

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Thanks for that Callendersgal,

I checked and not surprisingly tho there is nothing for Medway.

Have a look for Carers Centre most areas have one or something similar, you'll find them on Google

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Disappointing for you, Kittie103! I do hate how patchy these things can be. If you can't find anything after following Sugar2Minx's advice, I hope this scheme catches up with you sometime soon! Best wishes.

Yes we have a carers first in Medway unfortunately no card tho and the coffee mornings and other things they do are too far from me. I do sound like a moaner don't I? don't mean to just get very lonely on my own here sorry. x

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Hi again Kittie103. Absolutely no need to be sorry! That's what we're here for, so that when you need to vent, you can vent! It's horrible when you become isolated because of caring for someone and that's why this forum is so invaluable. At least you can always find a friend here and someone else who also feels the need to vent or feel sorry for themselves, once in a while. At least we can be an online community, even if we can't physically meet up for coffee and a chat.


Thanks for the info Callendersgal, I will check that out. Xxxx 👍

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You're welcome sassy59. Hope you'll be successful!

Discounts are available in Bristol to people who carry a Carers Emergency Card

Many thanks for the info.

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