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Shocking Community Care Revaluation Re Carers & nCov-19

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Is think things could not get worse for those in receipt of in home community care.

It just did given coronavirus cov-19 outbrake

Those who have more than 2 carers calls a day are going to lose others if have family members live in same home 🏠

Those who live on own are not effected

Rational is most carers have kids at school and if school close carers will be in short supply ALSO those that have to self isolate.

Clearly can see lot of ill vaunrable people will be left on owns to cope

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I babysit for my brother’s kids so he and his wife can work from home. I can’t go to my own job until further notice since the place I work for is closed.

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I was talking to guy with lung disease who was worried and he said feels like been abandoned left to die by 111 and GPS

I think he might have point really given my experiences with 111 post coronavirus

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Hi Activity2004,

That's tough for you but you are being a big blessing for your brother and his wife. You've been able to step up to the plate for them and I wish you all well in the times to come. It's a real coming together of family in a time of crisis.

Very best wishes and I hope all of you stay safe and well.

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Thank you! The kids are wanting to go to their school and we tell them not yet. Let’s do some art and snack/other ideas. We put a music CD in, but I ended up being the one who listened to the CD. They didn’t want to do anything with it.

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Tough isn't it Activity 2004? The kids are confused by this sudden disruption to their routine and probably worried and unsettled too. But just keep doing what you are doing and your continuity will help them settle down. But I guess you'll have some hits and misses with your activities with them! Don't lose heart. You are doing a great job.

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Thank you! They love me, but it’s not easy sometimes. They had some tantrums todayand I had a small headache.

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Oh dear Activity2004, I'm sorry to hear. Take good care of yourself too! At least you know they love you!

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True! They are sweet and 4.5 and 2.5 year olds!😀👍


I fear you are right. Life's going to be tough for everyone, and probably a lot tougher for Carers than ever before. I don't think there's any rescue available for anyone. It's going to take a stoic response and trying to find ways in which to be adaptable. It hardly seems fair, when Carers have such tough times always, and more so in recent times, and this is just one more massive difficulty. I heard one elder exclaim on TV yesterday that 'she was having to do the time, when she hadn't done the crime'. I know how she feels, but in a way this is life showing us that ultimately we can't always get what we deserve.

I know it's extra tough for you, with your own health challenges too, but I don't think that the cavalry is going to be able to turn up this time and we may just have to do the best we can. It's making many people vulnerable in ways we never imagined. It's so hard to go through something none of us envisioned having to do, and from which there's no escape, but I hope you can hang in there and come safely through on the other side, whenever that will be.

Wishing you all the best in the tough times ahead.

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Hi Callendersgal caverly best come or all go looking for em IF I can’t escape they won’t eather well in my opinion AN not a a ware it person really no mater what

I guess it’s tine those with disability spoke up or suffer unimaginable suffering hard ship

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I know you'll do your best JAS. You always do a good job of standing up for your dad. Take care.

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Must be my very suspicious nature

Have you read hospitals going to ban visators

Clearly given mine dad’s experiences THATs very bad idea given how sloppy are currently

HOSPITALS not great for neglect elderly all ready suffer ALSO nurses doctors talking about about own health issues lack of PPE gear

Souls like charter for hospitals to do nothing BUT social genocide

Be nice to read about treatment hospitals try guess won’t be much given lack of oxygen

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Hi JAS, I know you've had to intervene on behalf of your dad re his hospital care in the past, and I'd be pretty sure it would be much better to keep him well away from hospitals during this crisis unless it's unavoidable. I hadn't heard about the visitor ban, but I'm pretty sure that will be one of the steps to be taken in days to come.

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Hi JAS, it’s such a huge upheaval for everyone at the moment. When schools close, as they will, it’s set to get worse. I hope you get some help at least but I do feel for and your dear dad.

Take care and hang on in there. We’re here for you. Xxxx

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Sorry for delayed reply Jeff, hope you and family are coping, this is going to be a tough one as you say. Care workers are already under pressure as are many hospital ect as we have not had a lock down like this before, that I recall, know we have had epidemics with some restrictions but not social isolation unless affected personally. But I guess ever resilient as we brits are we will survive as the song says. Chin up Jeff and take care this as been an aweful year .They say always look on the bright side what bright side , it s all gloom & doom. !2 weeks will soon fly by .

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