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Hello Everyone

The sun is up it's so hot. I just hope you are feeling as cool as you can.

I am struggling a bit now to keep my poor pot plants going and myself. Do what you can early morning and late evening. Last night was so cool.

One of my favourite places at the moment is the supermarket chiller department it's just lovely this weather.

Where is your favourite place at the moment. Let us know?

Best wishes to all

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Its not so much the place as the time. Out in my garden at six oclock having my breakfast and watching the butterflies and bees on a giant Hebe which nearly got flattened by the frozen snow before last Christmas. I move when the sun comes on to that part of the garden and do boring things like putting on the washing machine and having a bath with the free electricity from the solar panels. I read that solar provided most of our electricity for a short time last week.. wonderful. Energy without pollution - it is worth doing


Hi MAS_Nurse,

Is it Friday again? What happened? That was a very quick week, gone by in a flash. Like you, I hope everyone has managed the heat OK, and had as good a week as was possible. I've found myself thinking of the pictures of those lovely roses that were posted recently and hoping that everyone with a garden is managing to keep those their flowers in bloom. Hanging baskets and pots always are the biggest challenge in very dry and hot conditions, so I hope that yours, and everyone else's make it through.

Sadly I don't have a garden or any outdoor space, but I am lucky enough to live in a city with lovely green shady spaces to sit in, and when I haven't wanted to be out in the heat, I've enjoyed being at home as much as anywhere, but I do agree that it's so welcome to walk into a shop with efficient A/C or to lurk in the freezer aisles for some respite from the heat.

Very best wishes.

You know when the weeks fly by so quickly it's a sign of getting older LOL . Never mind we'll have Xmas cards in the shops soon, usually around August 😳👎

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I think when the weeks go too wuick for us, irs ysually either becauae we are too busy, or we might be doing something nice thats when time flues when youre having fun that applies to peoplw of all ages.

I am trying to make the most of the summer and xmas is the last thing on my mind, I dont believe in xmas shopping before November so lets forget about that and try to make the most of this beautiful weather I am hopinf to fit a family holiday in either the end of rhis month or next month after mum comes out of hospital which is making both mum and I ao depressed its horrible having to be stuck in there during the glorious summer weather just wishing we could go somewhere to enjoy it. Summer ihas always been ans always will be "my favourite season". What is tour favourite season,

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Oh don't, Mydexter! You're quite right, of course, about the getting older thing and the Christmas cards too....!


I agree with Callendersgal, it can’t be Friday again! It’s been a very hot and humid week so Pete and I have actually enjoyed supermarket shopping for the frozen aisles. Lovely.

Pete has visited an old friend today so he had a nice catch up whilst I went for a coffee with our daughter and grandson who’s nearly 7 months. How time flies! It will soon be Friday again.

Have a good weekend everyone. Xxxx 😘👍🌞🍦🍨


Hello MAS_Nurse,

My favourite place is the garden where I can sit out there, sunbathe, and have a picnic, I enjoy all that fun, as its my favouritd ime of year with all the lovely lighter evenings especially summer solstice a fortnight ago I was looking forward to that for a long time so my dad and I went to the seaside "that was before mum was deteriorating" we couldnt do it again til after she comes iut of hospital. Our main priority now is hoping mum starts eating again as she hasnt been eating her meals again and apparently she needs loads of encouragement to eat and drink, also stopped drinking the multivitamin drinks and eating high protein yoghurts somy dad said thats bad news because she is really extremely weak from not eating for almost two months at home but she refuses them thats why she cant stand up on her own ,it takes two nurses to help her. Mums appetite is very poor and she is really depressed in there and says she wants to come home. Still no talk of that as yet.

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