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CT Scan

Keeping close eye on mom in care home after her night visitor episode, have been assured it wont happen again and have taken all your advise thank you all. Mom has a CT scan on Sunday after her 6 week X ray, after her stay in hospital for pneumonia, showed fluid on her right lung. She has severe COPD & asthma for many years is 94 & very frail. I just hope scan shows nothing sinister. Anyone else had fluid on lungs after illness? Regards Jan x

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Wishing all the best for your dear mum jan. Thinking of you both. Xxxxxx


Many thanks Sassy x

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Hi 1954jan and welcome to this caring forum. I hope that your mom makes a good recovery and things are more settled for her at night time. Pneumonia is swelling [inflammation] of the tissues in one or both lungs. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection. At the end of the breathing tubes in your lungs are clusters of tiny air sacs. If someone has pneumonia, these tiny sacs become inflammed and fill up with fluid. The treatment is rest, antibiotics and plenty of fluids. Are any other members able to help 1954jan with this query, please/ Thank you and best wishes.


Thanks Mas yes I know about the pneumonia it was the fluid in her lung after pneumonia had cleared doctors were worried about just hope scan proves its cleared now. Mom has had pneumonia 3 times if just keeps coming back x


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