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Good morning everyone. Why not share with us how your week has been so far?

Good or not so good, we would love to hear from you. Do you want to shout out because you feel frustrated or because something nice has happened. Whatever it is I am sure our members would like to hear from you.

My positive thought for this week has been:-

'With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts'.

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Take care and have a lovely week end.

MAS Nurse.

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On the positive side, because I have good medical insurance and the judgment to select good medical care, I had good care in a local hospital for the past few days. On the negative side, I was advised that I must always use a cane or walker when I walk. It makes me feel that, nearing 87, I really am old. I am grateful that I can afford my medications and know how to take them.

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I am feeling sad as my father, who has been in a nursing home for 14 months and who has recently come out of hospital again, is worsening with his dementia. I feel like he is slipping away both physically and mentally. I don't live nearby but try to go up to see him regularly, despite health problems myself, and it is becoming increasingly difficult.


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It's such a sad time isn't it, and so difficult especially if you don't live near , you can only do your best for them , take care


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