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Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

Welcome to 'Feel Good Friday'!

So yesterday we celebrated the Winter Solstice which marks the shortest day of the year, the 'official' start of winter, and from now on the days will start to get longer. The 'Solstice' marks the point where the sun is shining at its most southerly point over the Tropic of Capricorn. In pagan traditions it marks the re-birth of the Sun, and in Christian traditions it is linked to Christmas and the birth of God's son, Jesus. Whatever your traditions and beliefs, it marks new beginnings, a promise of hope, a looking forward to the new year ahead, with warmer, longer days.

So maybe we can use this time, metaphorically, to help us reflect on our week, our year, which for some may have been marked with sadness and darkness of losing loved ones, personal tragedies, poor health, and for some has been marked with joy, hope and triumphs. Whatever your situation or circumstances, maybe we can all tune into and move with the changing seasons, to find light out of darkness, hope out of despair, and joy out of sadness. Take time over the festivities to get out into the winter sun and go for a walk in the fresh air, have a digital detox, and enjoy time alone or with others in this beautiful world of ours, so full of promise for the year to come.

This week I have sung in two Christmas concerts with my choir, which is both exhilarating and exhausting, but always marks the beginning of Christmas for us. We have had some financial difficulties recently as a family, and out of the blue, two friends have given us a surprise, unexpected financial gift which left us gobsmacked! This was timely, as we have had to take our little Sheltie back in to the vet for emergency treatment, and as he's not insured the bills aren't cheap.

So enough of me rambling on, it's over to you, how has your week gone?

Wishing you all a very relaxing, peaceful and Happy Christmas and Blessings for 2018.

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Nice of you to mention the meaning of the Winter Solstice MAS NURSE - interesting, That must be why it's so dark. outside in the morning and evening.

Yes when we can we should take advantage of what we " can. " do and enjoy the country air My neighbours was,not so lucky 🍀 the other day - as, his leg got caught in his, duvet - and down he went!!! To cut the story short, he phoned a friend, and got taken to hospital with a fractured hip!

In the meantime I had noticed the absence of move(ment coming from next door)( we live in a semi detached house) I contacted the police about this, evenrually. they confirmed that he was alive ane kicking in hospital. -bur only just! 😉

I have since popped in with some ready to eat hot meals

All is well...

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Hello Mindover, your neighbour is lucky to have someone like you keeping an eye on him. Yes, at this time of year in particular, it is important that we all look out for our vulnerable neighbours to make sure that they are safe, warm, have food and are well. Accidents happen to the best of us, but when the conditions outside plummet causing ice and slippery surfaces, it is important to be more vigilant. Accidents happen to anyone, two weeks ago I slipped on water in my kitchen and spectacularly (according to my hubby) flew across the kitchen injuring my right shoulder, hip and ankle, I couldn't weight bear for a few days. Fortunately nothing broken, but it's taken a few weeks to recover. A salutary reminder that during the festivities we all need to take a bit more care.

Best wishes, and keep posting!


Yes that's right! 😉 hope you are better now.. In the rush to get things,done - perhaps we should all take "extra care" Good wishes to all


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