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Seasons greetings! iv just this min joined your community, this is me saying a big hello to you all. 😊✌👋

Hi im lisa, im 40yrs old with a few medical conditions which tbh are quite debilitating. Im married (20yrs) with two beautiful boys 14/18 im not afraid to say that they are my greatest achievement.

I also help take care of my parents with severe medical conditions, such as lupus, stroke, cancer of the esophagus and lewy bodies dementia.

They are my absolute world, but id be lying if i said life was easy, for the most part its incredibly hard and stressful. However Im very thankful and blessed, that despite all of this, to have a beautiful family, most still with me.

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Welcome to you Lisa. You have such a lot to deal with and l hope you get some help.

Seasons greetings to you and your family. What an amazing lady you are. Xxx

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Hi and welcome to our forum. You seem to have your hands full and loads of responsibilities which give you a lot to do, well done you. Keep well and smiling.


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Hi Lisa, any help has to be fought for! The first step is to get a social worker for your parents as they can assess their needs and let you know what free( or reasonable) help is available. Best of luck with this. I am thinking of you

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Hi, mum has a social worker which is great, she had got to know our whole family dynamics.

You wouldn't have thought so, but a huge amount of care is still left to the family.

It can be extremely overwhelming, my health isnt doing so great at the moment, so not only are you dealing with the everday repercussions of my own symptoms, i also carry the guilt of having to provide less of myself to their care.

They are my absolute world but i constantly feel like im letting them down by my body letting me down.

I usually try to be as upbeat as i can, i dont let on to my parents even half of what im living with. My mood is getting increasingly lower of late. Which in itself is incredibly challenging.

The last thing i ever want is for them to think they are a burden.

I have to juggle that with my family time and seeking the right treatments in helping my illnesses. Im finding it second nature to not even putting myself in the top 5.. except when immediate pain prevents me.

I appreciate your comments.


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