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My Husband PIP was turned down

My Husband suffers from Scleroderma an auto immune disease that affects the nerves, the skin and organs, he has also been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and Stage 1 prostrate cancer. Yet he was turned down for PIPs I can only work part-time due to his condition. Please can anyone advised me on what to do as we are really struggling to make ends meet.

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I recently applies for attendance allowance on behalf of my husband he has advanced prostate cancer. end life kidney disease, he has had a stroke , I have to go to all his appts with him as he does not take in what is being said, he gets up at least 4 times in the night, I have to make sure he is taking his medicanes, he was turned down . crazy in the last 2 weeks he has had a scan on his arm for kidneys, a mri scan for his prostate cancer and another scan, he has had 2 blood tests he has had a hormone injection and next week he has a drs apt and another blood test week after another hosp appt. I have to organise all of these and go with him. but apparently he doesn't need attendance allowance. crazy


If it was me I'd appeal, I didn't qualify for my DLA. but I went for appeal with backing of my local member of parliament he looked into my situation. It meant a lot of paperwork. Because of my agrophobia I was unable to go far from home although some days I don't leave the house but with support and determination eventually the DLA people got to know me as a person and not just a piece of paper. It wasn't easy as I was going through a difficult time of my life but they decided to allow me middle rate care and high rate mobility.l decided long ago I'm a survivor as cutting it short.

I've been divorced, married twice, survived a fatal road accident-I crossed a zebra crossing whilst a van was parked at another car over took the parked vehicle hit me, my left leg was broke in 3 parts my hip and spine was broken in parts also spine as well as ribs bruised and here I am tonight with Spongilitis ostortherits plus just had my gallbladder bladder removed. I keep saying that I'm going to live till I'm a hundred if my health let's me. I call myself a determined survivor like a butterfly. Oh I also have Clinical Depression oh well think I'll have that cuppa my hubbies made me. By for now.


Please appeal and never ever give up, it’s a disgrace.

I would say the same to bazt too and anyone else who feels they have been unfairly treated. The money is there so if you deserve it and need it.....go for it!!!!

See if the Citizens Advice bureau can help. Xxxx


Go to the CAB Website it gives excellent advice on allowances etc will also do forms for you good luck XC

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Hello 1234Yin and welcome to the community. Yes definitely appeal the discussion and please complete it quickly as there is only a short window of opportunity. If you have a sympathetic GP get them on your side, if you are running out of time please alert the benefits agency that you will be appealing and good luck.


did u appeal? apply again. Get help with form


hello,do not be down as all is not lost! never ever tell them about your hubby having a good day as I assume this will be as rare as hens teeth! did you use citizens advice when you filled in the never ending forms? I used to work for the government and they treated me as though I was just off the banana boat! use citizens advice for the appeal and also get the advisor to do a home visit,do not run round after them let them do the running!! i suppose you may have already been told this but know that I totally support you in your quest for what you are entitled to,just imagine how much it would cost the state if you were not there to love and help your husband!! I will end by wishing you and your husband love and good luck,keep us informed as to how things are going.


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