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partners as carers

Hello my name is Debbie and I'm new here. I am physically and mentally disabled and have been wheelchair bound for 3 years now. My partner who lives with me has taken on my care and does everything for me as I'm very limited to what I can do. Ive been with my partner 12 years and my disability and Patrick now taking care of me can be very stressfull,i have had to ask him to do things for me that is very personal and I still get embarresed and the feeling of uselessness. Do we have to claim as a couple now he lives with me or do we keep our own benefits. I don't claim carers allowance due to the fact they deduct it from me so we are no better off.

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Hello Debbie and welcome to this community. It would be a good idea if you contact the CAB so that you can explain to them what benefits you are both receiving and they can advise you. Also the 'Pinned Posts' to the right of your screen has up to date information on Carer's allowance and the rules that apply. I hope that you both are able to receive the information you seek and can enjoy your life together. This community is a very supportive one and has many members that have a varied and wide experience in the caring role. Best whishes to you both.

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