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Hello I am a Carer for my daughter who is 39. She does not live with me now but comes home at weekends. She is partially sited has learning difficulties and behaviour problems. Also I look after my grandson he has learning difficulties epilepsy and narcolepsy also behaviour problems. He has come back to live with me after 2 supportive accommodations did not work.

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Hello Caroline you have a lot to deal with and l hope you get some help. Contact CAB if unsure of what to claim. Good luck xxxx


Hi Caroline62, you do have a lot to cope with and you may find the following suggestions helpful----As Sassy59 said, CAB is a useful point of contact. Carers UK [www.carersuk.org].You may find helpful information on the pinned posts [to the right of the screen]. I do not know your grandson's age, but Contact a Family [www.cafamily.org] may also be of help to you. They provide support, advice and information to families with disabled children, no matter what their condition or disability. Best wishes.


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