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The importance of taking a break

We understand that many carers are utterly devoted to providing the support and companionship that their loved one needs. Experience has taught us that getting access to a proper break can be really important for both people - a chance to recharge the batteries. That's what we're here for - to enable carers and their loved ones to take a holiday together. When was the last time that you had a break from your caring role? Feel free to share your experiences of accessing respite as a carer with us too.

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The hospice team that helped me care for my husband offered me a five-day respite by arranging a short-term stay for him in a nursing home. The hospice team knew that as an 80-year-old sole caregiver, I was becoming tired. That break from my caring role showed me how much I needed to be relieved of my responsibilities. I'm sure the hospice team was also trying to get me used to the idea that I would survive the separation. It worked. When, several months later the hospice team came prepared with papers for me to sign to place my husband in the nursing home, I did not object. The nursing home where he had the respite stay had a bed available in the same room where he spent the 5-day stay. He recognized the view from his window, and accepted the placement. I recommend a respite for every caregiver so they can evaluate their caregiving situation.

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My Mum used to go to a local community hospital for regular respite for us to on holidays, I wouldn't have been able to carry on caring without those precious breaks , thankfully she used to look forward to going as it was local she knew most of the people there, and the staff were amazing.


Thank you both so much for being so open and taking the time to share your experiences of taking respite breaks. It's great to know that you both found them to be so valuable. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you in future posts.


I recently had a week away. My 1st holiday for 9 years. Boy did I need it. But I was always concerned mum's cover was adequate. Because I knew it wasn't.


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