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Carers Week - how can we help?

Simplyhealth_teamCampaign Administrator

Today is the first day of Carers Week (12-18th June), and we are excited to announce that we are holding an "Ask Me Anything" session on Friday 16th between 1-2pm GMT, where our expert Dave James will answer any questions you may have on social care and caring for loved ones.

Please feel free to post your questions here in the lead up to the session, and your questions will be answered by Dave on Friday.

All the best,

The Simplyhealth Team

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I had to put my father in a Home at Christmas where he has settled quite well. Unfortunately, I live over 100 miles away. I haven't had any help from a social worker and my father is self-funding. I would like to know if we move him to a Home nearer to me who picks up the funding once his savings are gone?

I also wonder if I should move him as, apart from me seeing him more often and being near him, everything else points to me leaving him where he is. I have no-one to talk to about this dilemma. He has every medical facility near him whereas very little around where I live; the Home near me is more expensive hence his savings will disappear more quickly; he has settled where he is and, although is dementia isn't terrible at present, I don't want his health to suffer if I move him. It took from December to March to get his health on an even keel and keep him out of hospital.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Simplyhealth_teamCampaign Administrator in reply to klr31

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your question. We will pass this on to our expert who will be able to answer this in our session on Friday.

In the meantime, take care and please feel free to talk to others on the forum - this is a place for you to get the support you need.

The Simplyhealth Team

My mum had a minor fall the day after Boxing day last year, my sister rang the non emergency number and was advised to take mum to A&E, mum aged 85, partially sighted, diabetic, angina, pacemaker uses pain patches on her knees, was kept in despite A&E not finding anything but it was more to give her some rehab - which never happened and she was transferred, against our wishes, to another hospital, again for rehab but again it's never happened.

Last September a meeting was held at the family home and mum's GP at the time agreed that her sugar levels be kept mid teens as she functions better like that.

At the second hospital, my sister, who despite working full-time, has been mum's main carer, advised the nursing staff of this, but time and time mum's sugar was in single figures, I remember one day my sister ringing me and telling me the nurses were happy as her sugar had gone up, when asked what level it was she was told , it's 6, earlier it was 3, more than once my sister rang me in tears over the way mum was being looked after and she said she'd be happy to walk out the hospital with mum just to get her away from the place. The hospital didn't liaise with GP about her sugar levels as mum had been in hospital for so long.

Mid April a meeting was held and it was decided that mum no longer needed hospital care and we got her moved into a care home which is close to me.

The GP visits on a Tuesday morning and a few weeks ago I decided to visit mum at that time so that I could try and have word with GP, they didn't arrive while I was there, so my question is how do I go about seeing the GP regarding mum's care.

Finally, during her stay in hospital she was really unhappy and it showed, since being in the home she has flourished, she does have dementia now as well, but she's happy and when I went in last week the activity was making chocolate brownies, we took mum along and she really enjoyed it, it was a pleasure to see her stirring the mixture and saying how long they'd need in the oven, she even licked the spoon!!!!

Simplyhealth_teamCampaign Administrator in reply to Jennymary

Hi Jennymary,

Thank you for your question, and we are sorry you, your mum and sister are going through so much at the minute. We will pass on your question to our expert who will be able to answer this for you on Friday.

In the meantime hopefully you will be able to find support and comfort from other people on this forum in similar positions.

The Simplyhealth team

Mum can put her feet on a hoist for transferring to/from bed/wheelchair, does this mean she is mobile despite the fact she has been unable to walk on her own for many months, when she was at home she furniture jumped, just looking for clarification on this.

I'm just about the personal care that they do in these sort of homes they are in

Why dont hospitals have incontinence

Pads for large people

Plus a hoist that is also suitable for larger ladies e.g. weight of 19 stone +

I am finding it so hard having been turned down for a second time for Continuing Health Care funding my husband had a massive bleed on the brain and had a second bleed is double incontinent. Just had catheter after a third bout of sepsis and e-coli in his urine. He continually blocked the catheter which then kept bypassing. He is paralysed down his right side is bed bound. Three seizures, Cannot speak and has lost his ability to swallow so is fed via a PEG feed. is all we have been awarded is £155.05 per week towards his nursing and we pay the rest. Now half my house comes into the equation, when I die my girls have to give half the proceeds to Social Services. How much more do you have to have wrong with you to qualify?

Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to joining you tomorrow and hopefully can answer your questions and concerns of how to access services and supports, for either yourselves and or your loved ones.

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