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Related health issues?

My daughter has bws. And has been hospitalized. Several times now. Doctors think something is wrong with her lungs but have no answers. Doctors here have no idea how towork with bws. Does any one else have a child who has to be put on oxygen every time they catch a cold?

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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. Where do you live and which hospital is your daughter in?

BWS children do not generally need oxygen with respiratory infections.  However, those  who have severe macroglossia as a result of their BWS may have breathing problems due to obstructive issues with the tongue and this may become more of a problem when they have a respiratory infection. But this is a problem due to the tongue not the lungs. Does your daughter have macroglossia?

However, children with BWS do sometimes have more than one condition. My son has two other conditions as well as BWS, so doctors can't assume the problem with her breathing is due to the BWS and should undertake the appropriate investigations.


We are in the early stages investigation/diagnosis for bws but they are almost certain it is, our son has lots of upper airways and chest infections and croup has been hospitalised and treated many times in his 18 months, altho weather this is connected to the bws we/they (docs) dont know! My son has a large tongue altho not massively large it is affecting his speech and he dribbles a lot and at times it is 'out of his mouth' but these problems are with the airways not due to his tongue....he also has umbillical hernia, right leg and foot longer and bigger and kidney abnormalities and enlarge kidneys and liver. He is 19 kilo and 3ft 2in tall already


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