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Has any body with severe tinnitus had any help using earing aids

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Hi john. I've got 70% hearing loss in my right ear so I wear a hearing aid. It doesn't make much difference because I can hear in my left ear. I only wear it to keep my ear active - so to speak. It says on the BTA website it's a good idea to do so. It doesn't reduce the loudness of the T. Mind you .. It's only an NHS aid so I don't know if a better one would help more.

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777john in reply to doglover1973

Hello iv got another horrible high noise in my right ear could be a spike but i do not know what from because i am not eating absolutely no appetite i think i am about 50% deaf in that ear not sure just guessing i have heard some good things about hearing aids nuheara iq buds seem exiting one person said it it significantly reduced his tinnitus and a couple of others have said it helps but the BTA don't give you any hope they do not think they help and i have not herd any body on this site shouting about them saying they help

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777john in reply to 777john

forgot to ask does it make the tinnitus any quieter in your right ear and so do you wear just one hearing aid in

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doglover1973 in reply to 777john

Yes. I just wear an aid in my right ear but it makes no difference to the T. Sadly.

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doglover1973 in reply to 777john

Tinnitus is so unpredictable john. I've seen various things like ear buds .. but I'm waiting until I've been to ENT / MRi before I try anything. I've been waiting six months but I'm guessing it's going to be a long while yet. How about you? Have you thought of a hearing test at specsavers while you're waiting. It's free.

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rabbits65 in reply to 777john

John you must start eating again, your make yourself ill as well as the tinnitus

Hi there. My Ex husband has some Tinnitus hearing aids (especially for tinnitus) He had some from the NHS which worked well but then had some private ones made as they were smaller and sit on top of the back of the ear out of sight. He says they changed his life. All the best.

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777john in reply to doris22

That's fantastic news thanks you for that.

When I got hearing aids six years ago I found it made a big difference because I can now hear the “real” world much better, so it drowns out the T a bit. The T is just as loud but the real world is a little louder and clearer, with the aids in.

I was told my hearing is good. I had a test . I was told that hearing aids would not benefit me with my tinnitus .

I have masking aids but they does not help me very much, as my tinnitus is very loud all dag and night.My hearing is ok. During night I listen to books, this helps me to fall asleep, and fall asleep again, when I wake up during the night.

Good question John. I have had T for many years, though my hearing in that ear has degraded over various decibels. If I am perfectly honest I would say there isn't a vast difference on the T being less noticed. However, my hearing is improved with the NHS hearing aids, that I can hear other sounds better. That is true to say that I don't notice T so much, because of the other clear sounds.You'll still get T, but bcos of hearing aids I feel more comfortable with them in. (I have hearing aids for both ears).

Incidentally NHS hearing aids "ain't what they used to be", and they don't cost £3,000-5,000 (Boots chem, and Specsavers in the UK). If you are prescribed they are free, but if you lose one it's currently £75.00 to replace it. Fair deal EH?!

I’ve got extremely severe high frequency tinnitus in both ears and mild/moderate high frequency hearing loss too. I have a pair of phonak P90R aids and they definitely help me. The tinnitus cycles between ‘I can deal with it’ and ‘plain horrible’ - in plain horrible, I can play background noise or music without disturbing anyone else (they’re so tiny!) and it helps. At the other of the spectrum, the aids eliminate the tinnitus completely. I also think the aids change the nature of the tone I hear overall, the make it ‘mooshier’ which is somehow a bit easier. Perhaps the presence of aids is a psychological help too? I certainly wouldn’t rule that out. But it’s all very very personal as you know. Have a hearing test, have a trial perhaps and see where it goes. Good luck!

Hi Amanda iv got high pitch sounds ringing sounds pulsating throbbing sounds around my rigtht ear when i walk up a hill or do a bit of manual work its consistantly loud day and night if i walk in a quiet room the noise can be too much for me and i haft to walk out a real nightmare if i can just get a bit of relief may be through earing aids that would be a god send i think my left ear is perfect but my right ear is about 50%.What i have learned and what i have researched they certanly help some people and its impossible to sleep at night with out a sleeping tablet or listening to a audio book so i hope they help me and thanks Lynne H for your reply

In my case John my hearing aids cut out my hissing and whistling sounds but not my other sounds - pulsatile, music, occasional humming and buzzing.

However because there is more sound coming in through the aids it does make everything feel more comfortable.


Hi john

I know you are 'looking for a cure' for your T. As everybody is.

However, please consider the method I used to GET RID of my T entirely - by redefining it - as NOTHING.

Which is exactly what it is - it's NOT a real sound.

It's something the brain has created for whatever (unimportant) reason.

If interested, please see my Post from a year ago to see how I did it.

Good luck!


I have severe Tinnintus and hard at hearing. I wear hearing aids in both ears and my tinnintus can be heard clearly above them. Nothing works. My Tinnitus started in my teens. My hearing loss in my 40s.

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