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ENT specialists.


Has anyone gained anything from visiting an ENT

Consultant with T ? If so would like to hear from you.

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I visited an ENT consultant because of BPPV (vertigo) and mentioned T while I was there. He said he would have nothing to offer me as far as T is concerned. I’ve had it, the T, for many years so it’s clearly not something sinister behind it.

Hammer49 in reply to Happyrosie

Thanks for reply.Yet to hear of a positive outcome to a visit to An ENT specialist in regard to T. Not sure if it is a ear or brain problem

Let alone treat it !

Happyrosie in reply to Hammer49

As you’ve discovered, there’s no treatment as such for T. Just habituation, and things to help you on your journey to habituation.

rabbits65 in reply to Hammer49

Hello Hammer49I paid to see an ent consultant too. On one hand it was a waste of money but on the other hand I did get referred for scans which do some extent put my mind to rest. However , they don’t seem interested in tinnitus and I find that really mean as I was looking for a bit of bedside manner and kindness. Nothing !!!!

Hammer49 in reply to rabbits65

Thanks for reply. I think the stress of arranging a private visitIe I insurance company,my GP ,travelling to a hospital etc

Plus cost will make things worse rather than help.As I say

Have yet to hear anything positive from a visit.Am trying meditation

And looking at self hypnosis at present.

jonnyp57 in reply to Hammer49

i totally agree, they take money for nothing

The ENT is mainly ruling out anything serious. During my visit they concluded hearing loss was the cause of my tinnitus. It wasnt anything serious so a good outcome. As for my Tinnitus they offered to refer to their audiologist. A few weeks later I had my appointment. She was excellent. She went through my results from the hearing tests just before I saw the ENT. She explained what causes my tinnitus, Hyperacusis and hearing loss, so I was able to move on. They offered other therapies, but said I was already doing the right thing with sound therapy and changing jobs.

Overall, I don't know what else they could do. I thanked them and moved on.

Sorry to say but there isn't much they can do. I think we have too high expectation for something that there is no cure. It's a harsh truth, but it's important to keep in touch with your GP to help with any anxieties etc.

All the best.

Hi, in my personal experience no. You would be better going to a hearing centre. They helped me far more during my really had times. I was very disappointed with ENT ajd the consultant. Also unless you really really need try to avoid MRI as it can temporarily increase tinitus due to the high noise levels. I found that Julian Cowan on YouTube helped and my local hearing clinic was really good. It can get better but takes effort. I should add re MRI listen to your consultant every ones need is different

Hammer49 in reply to Gouher

Thanks for reply.I agree with you and will look elsewhere for assistance.Don’t really fancy micro suction either at moment.GP says I have some

Ear wax build up,but I have no hearing loss or balance problems so will

Keep with the ear drops.Julian cowen hill is very helpful.

Gouher in reply to Hammer49

Avoid micro suction unless its really a last resort. Olive oil drops well soften and clean your ears.

Happyrosie in reply to Gouher

Microsuction worked very well for me. I’ve had it twice by paying privately and twice through the NHS. Each time it’s done the job which olive oil has not. The private audiologist I saw recently, doing the microsuction, said she would strongly advise against olive oil if you have hearing aids (as I do) as it just makes the wax build up more quickly, and forces it towards the eardrum.

Gouher in reply to Happyrosie

I have read alot of times were its made tinitus worse. There are quite a few posts on it. But it l has to be balanced woth whats best and if need be then microsuction. Olive oil was the traditional way of loosening wax. But each case cos different.

Happyrosie in reply to Gouher

Indeed you’re right. About a month ago I posted asking what people thought, yay or nay.

Wulie in reply to Gouher

Otex is better. It’s basically sodium bicarbonate so doesn’t leave an oily residue in your ears and works better and faster at breaking down clogging ear wax.

Happyrosie in reply to Gouher

Gouher, what’s a hearing centre? Do you mean people who sell hearing aids? If so, I certainly got nothing out of Specsavers.

Gouher in reply to Happyrosie

Hi, sorry i should elaborate. The place I went to was called the Lanarkshire hearing centre. They do hearing aids, tests and also tinitis related help. They offered me sound advice, checked my hearing and helped me get back on track. Thats my personal experience. It can get better or ease but requires effort.

Happyrosie in reply to Gouher

Thanks. There’s nothing like that round here, to my knowledge!

Gouher in reply to Happyrosie

You may need to travel to get something decent. If you were any were central belt scotland I would strongly recommend Lanarkshire hearing centre.

Wulie in reply to Gouher

Never ever pass up having a brain scan! Sudden deafness, for instance, can be caused by a tumour - rare, but nevertheless a possibility. It will also reveal the onset of Alzheimer’s or vascular problems, etc

Gouher in reply to Wulie

If your consultant thinks you need one take it I agree.

Hi Hammer49

Have you been offered White Noise Generators by your ENT consultant? These look like hearing aids and fit behind each ear. The white noise that you hear has to be regulated by the Audiologist, then you're able to control these individually. I have found them very useful over the years. I think they can help you habituate.

Take care.

Hammer49 in reply to Lizbeth54

Thanks for reply.I haven’t seen an ENT consultant yet.

Lizbeth54 in reply to Hammer49

Hopefully you will see one soon and could ask about the white noise generators. They might help you.Take care and good luck.

Hi Hammer49

This morning I have been to Calderdale Royal Hospital to have a MRI scan after telling my doctor I was struggling with my Tinnitus again, this was only last Friday and I got the appointment for today.

The MRI scan took about 15 mins, very noisy but they gave me earplugs. My Tinnitus at the moment is no worse than before the scan.

I was told I would get the results in about 2 weeks with a ENT appointment.

I have just been given a telephone consultation for ENT. However my problem is not just tinnitus its the horrendous vertigo accompanied by vomiting. This has increased from once a month to four times a month. Spoke to GP whom said they should see me in person. I think I will ring his secretary and explain that symptoms are worse than when first referred. I can cope with the tinnitus but not the vertigo. Hope you find something to help you soon.

palBuddy9 in reply to Catlover3

Hy Catlover3, I am suffering from horrendous vertigo and vomiting, had second bout yesterday, can u tell me how u cope with this, my tinnitus is no worse or better. waiting on ent.

Catlover3 in reply to palBuddy9

Hi. Sorry to hear you're suffering from the same! Blooming nightmare! At the moment I am taking prochlorperazine three times a day. If I don't take it quick enough before the spinning starts I am in a right state. I have to hold onto walls to stop myself from falling over and need to lie down in a dark room with my eyes shut. It doesn't really help though as I just vomit every 15mins or so until I can't even lift my head off the pillow. This goes on for 2-3 hours, then once that stops I can get a tablet down. This last time I haven't felt at all well for the past week as very weak and feel so spaced out. The doctor has prescribed Cinnarizine instead, so am going to try these tomorrow. The tinnitus although always present doesn't really bother me too much as I am able to ignore it most of the time, it's the vertigo which is a major problem. I have never suffered with vertigo before but have never been very good with fairground rides that spin, or going on boats. I do have autoimmune illness and have knocked myself out a couple of times years ago so am not sure how much these things have had an impact.

Wulie in reply to Catlover3

As a by the way, I am extremely irritated by GPs and consultants not having face to face appointments. Just hiding behind the Covid curtain. In the private sector consultants will happily see you. Going forward it will probably become the norm in surgeries and NHS hospitals. Which is really depressing.

Yes. I went to my GP about something else, but mentioned my tinnitus. He referred me to ENT consultant, who I saw in August 2016. My hearing was perfect, but he referred me for a brain scan. I chased up the results and found out that he'd referred me on to a neurosurgeon as he spotted a large brain aneurysm. Nothing to do with the tinnitus at all, I still have it even since I had major brain surgery to clip the aneurysm and more recently had a stroke. None related to the tinnitus. Grateful for the ENT getting me scanned though or I'd never have found out about the aneurysm and if it burst it wouldn't have been fixable.

I have a very similar experience. I developed quite sudden and persistent tinnitus in my left ear, along with some dizzy spells. I was referred for an MRI scan just before Christmas and received a letter on 12th Jan to say that the scan had detected a ‘blood vessel swelling’ (which I take to be an aneurysm) near the ear structure.

I was referred for a further scan, this time CT, so that it could be further assessed.

I’m awaiting the results of that scan, depending on what they see I think we then need to have a conversation about the risk of leaving as is (with regular MRI scans) vs the risk of surgery.

Gorgeous pussycat in your avatar. Your cat?

I think it’s just a default picture, I do have a little kitten though, I’ll update the pic.

Gosh! Worrying, I know, but glad you have been promptly contacted and investigation has started. I had to chase up my scan results as they went missing. All the very best to you. Please do let me know how it all goes. Good when these things are found and dealt with (y)

I had the scan on 22nd January and been chasing the last few days. It is playing on my mind quite a lot, I’m trying to reassure myself that if it was serious they might have called by now. As you say though, good that it has been identified and being investigated.

Stop worrying. As you say, if anything serious had been found you would have been quickly contacted

Hi Hammer.I went to one but because I said i was near suicidal because my tinnitus is so loud he sent a letter to my Dr for me to see a psychiatrist.


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