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I live in France


I live in France, and I really appreciate Health Unlocked because I haven't found anything similar here.

My tinnitus problem started around 25 years ago, at a time when I was very stressed by some major life changes. I've learnt to live with it over the years, and to try to avoid stress and too much introspection, which I've found exacerbate the problem. Having an audiologist here who is a tinnitus specialist also helps a lot, and he convinced me that in the absence of any real medical solution, it's the brain that deals with the problem by shutting out the noise. It doesn't always work of course, but most of the time it makes things much more bearable.

Very best wishes to you all for 2020, and don't give up!!

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Thank you so much for your advice, this gives me hope and helps me understand this is a marathon not a sprint!

Hi, I live in the Charente region of France and have been struggling with T for the last 5 years. I would be interested to know who your specialist is as I have had no help at all.

Hi, nice to hear from you. I live in Toulouse, and my specialist is a man called Paul Viudez. His company is called Audial, and he's been practising for more than 30 years. He's not just an expert, but also a very human person, concerned to help people. I'm lucky! You could email him to ask if he knows of someone in your area who could help you. Tell him you got his address from Chris. His email : paulviudez@audial.fr.

Good luck, and let me know what happens.

Thanks for that, I will be in touch with him. What type of treatment does your audiologist recommend?

Well it's adapted to each person. One day he told me that he had to see a young boy whose doctor had told him that there was no cure for his tinnitus. He was afraid that the boy was suicidal, and he told me that he thought he could really help him. I don't think he'll be able to work at a distance, but he might know someone he can recommend in your part of the country. Let me know how it goes...

Ok, I just wondered if he uses talking based therapy or drugs because I don't want medication . How does he help you ?

In my case, I've had tinnitus so long that I can deal with it fairly well now, but we do discuss how the brain blocks some of the noise, and he also provides me with a hearing aid which he said would lower the noise, and it seems to work. So no drugs - he's not a doctor.

Hi, I worked & lived in France for 11 years and since being retired, live half and half in the UK and near Carcassonne.

My tinnitus & hearing loss was caused by a serious car accident while working in Nice. This was more than 30 years ago & I still find the medical advice/treatment quite different. I know it is a generalisation but the UK is more CBT led as you mention, try & retrain the brain, no medication. In France, I am currently having a difficult episode, first time I’ve had to seek help, apart from tinnitus being unbearable, balance shot to pieces. Prescribed mega high dosage of anti nausea drugs & twice daily IV anti vertigo injections (nurse comes to the house).

I haven’t found anything like healthunlocked in France, I tend to not access it when I am coping but the opposite at the moment, not sleeping & very down with what I call my T spike.

best wishes to you for 2020, we are not alone

Tarabel, I know how difficult that can be. I caught an inner ear virus once and had constant vertigo for 6 months. I learned to deal with it after a couple of terrible weeks, by always looking straight ahead (never up or down), and by keeping as occupied as possible to avoid dwelling on it. After 6 months my doctor told me it had abated, but that I would get flashbacks from time to time (he was right), because my inner ear was permanently damaged but my brain had adjusted to it. Hang on in!

Hello cross channeler.

Just wanted to say hello. I am three years with T. A relative novice but feels like its been a lot longer.

No advice from me. Sounds like you have been there and got the Tee shirt.

I hope that you get some relief.

Good luck on your journey.


By the way. My T started when Family going through a very stressful time. It passed but the T didn't


Thanks for your good wishes and be kind to yourself.

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