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Cold n flu

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Hi All, had flu for over a week now and still suffering and I here you say man flu get over it. The problem is that my T has spiked to what I call scary I thought it was already mega loud but now it’s absolutely mega mega screaming in both ears. I don’t no why this has happened just hoping it will settle been to doc’s and he did say this can happen. I’m currently awaiting my mri scan but that’s not until the 30 December. At the moment i have turned up my hearing aids to drown it out a bit but this is making everything sound so loud and I can still hear it. Think I’m going to insane no way can anyone have this as loud as me. Tried almost everything with nothing working god knows who I turn to now doctor, no hospital, no why are we just left to suffer.

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As your flu subsides I hope that your T calms down too. Good luck!

Hi SiD lad great to hear from ya, yer it’s starting to settle my flu now. But my T is still f:::::g screaming I’ve never heard it so loud mate just hoping it settles bud.

I understand that if your head is full of cold and flu and your tubes are blocked your T will sound much louder, my T does with a cold. Good luck T. will settle down I am sure, try and do relaxing things to feel less stressed.

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Thanks really hoping it does.

I have been suffering from the same as you this week, my T spiked massively whilst getting over a bad cold. Mine is linked to ear infections and when my eustschuan tubes become blocked with mucus. Now that my cold symptoms are clearing up, the T is getting slowly better. I’m sure that it will calm down in time, I know it’s so hard but you just have to be patient. All the best.

Cheers, hoping it does thanks

Yes, I get it.

Well I got it, the cold, flue, crud bug. It's been a week and the T is nuts. I'm sure my kids will give me everything that's going around. It will be a long winter.

One thing I've noticed is that the worse my T gets, the more sudden it can go back to its constant wring. Although it's always loud and the spikes are an interruption, I don't freak out anymore and accept it as a handicap. I have to do the same with some chronic pain. So you walk with a limp, at least your still walking🤧


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