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Still struggling and spikes daily!!!

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Hi guys i first posted on here in august when i was having the worst time with my tinnitus changing daily and having panic attacks and not getting out much but since then its got louder and louder and severe and crazy 24/7 both ears and spikes up daily and not settling really from the spikes.i cant believe how loud both ears are and thought for years i had it bad it was nothing compared to now.

Its awful and im so stressed everyday and even when i am distracted it doesnt bring the tinnitus down its in such high crazy state and has been for months i think its my new tinnitus with the level and severity its at 😢😠

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Hello. Firstly, please describe the noise you are hearing . Let's go from there to start with

Hi brett the noise i hear 24/7 is a really loud high pitched ringing and buzzing and spiking altime and not settling its so hard to get my mind off it.iit changed in june and from then got louder and louder and worse n worse.

I wear a white noise generator all day for bit of distraction but it doesnt physically change or calm the tinnitus and i play rain sound alnight suggested by a tinnitus specialist x

I know you feel you have probably heard all this before but as Ian a world expert in Tinnitus ( because I have had it 30 years ) and have the full suite of noise variation I know a way I can help you....

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Ingrid-p in reply to Brett_angel

Hi Christian I’m curious as to how you know a way to help Reminderelf30?

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Brett_angel in reply to Ingrid-p

I have a copy of a great book/pdf which is out of print. It's the best thing out there and if it is followed diligently it will provide control cognitively.

Can you share the name of this book please to us tinnitus sufferers?my partner found me a tinnitus self help pdf book online so going to start reading this.there must be a link if u can email it?x

Whats the author of the book please brett?

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Elaa in reply to Reminderelf30

Hi, How you feel these days? Do you have the title of the Book please? Thank you so much!

Hi Siobhan, How are you feeling now? I really hope the T has settled a bit and/or you're coping a little better. Thinking of you xxx

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