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Hyperacausis on a flight. Do headphones help? T and hyperacausis have been worse lately. It's always when I have underlying stress! I'm sure my friends think I'm over dramatic when I have to leave events because the noise is unbearable. I've been looking at Bose noise reducing headphones as we're going on a long haul flight shortly and would be grateful for any advice. Has anyone tried them, or anything similar, with any success? Thanks.

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I just use foam earplugs when I fly and it cuts out a lot of the noise. Also, aisle seats are quieter than window seats.


We get a lot of people asking about tinnitus and hyperacusis when flying, so we have an information sheet on the topic - I hope it's helpful, but if you have any questions, are helpline team can talk them through with you, or of course you can ask here!


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