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Hello, would love some information. New here and new to Tinnitus

Hey all,

I woke up with tinnitus a few months ago, in both ears. I thought maybe its just stress as there was (and is) building works going on at home.

After a month or so I went to the doctors (I am a singer-songwriter and guitar teacher by trade) I explained about the tinnitus and was referred to an ENT.

I seen ENT recently and he checked both ears and he said they are fine, was sent to audiologist.

I had a hearing test, and results were I had the 'dip' in both ears but much more the right ear, result were ok, but theres hearing loss in the higher frequencies.

A week ago, i was at home sanding my floors (It was loud) (I was wearing headphones for protection) but since that my right ear has got worse. More of a piercing higher pitch sound.

My concern is at this point, I don't know what help or what to do next.

The T is bad, its consent in my right ear, and at night in both ears.

Also, Im a bit of a hypochondriac and the worry of it being a brain tumour has added stress, even tho I know that this is very very rare.

Any advice going forwards? Its been about 3 months now.

Thank you


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Hi Kev,

I developed tinnitus within the past few months as well and initially, went down the same path as you starting with my GP then onto ENT. In the early stages, I admit I was totally panic stricken, mainly due to the lack of information I was given by the medical profession. Like many other sufferers, I was simply told there was no cure so learn to live with it which just added to my growing anxiety. My T is very similar to yours being very high pitched, mainly on my right side although the left side also gets blasted from time to time and the thought of having to endure it for the rest of my life was really depressing me. I scoured the internet looking for any possible remedies to try and get the volume down a bit and was trying anything and everything I could find and I still am! The best thing I found was this forum, as I have learned so much about ways of coping from other members. I know it's really difficult to believe at the moment but there will be days when the racket in your head will subside naturally for varying periods of time. Getting stressed and anxious about it makes it worse, so hard as it might be at the moment, try and keep calm and distract your brain by keeping busy with things you like doing. I don't use noise generators at night as many people do but I take 10mg of amytriptylene at bedtime and I sleep like a log. In addition to that, I also take CBD oil orally and by vaping ( an ongoing experiment) and a zinc supplement tablet every day. Tinnitus is a bloody awful condition to have and can be so utterly debilitating at times especially when it spikes, but over time, you will gradually habituate to the noise. I think I am over the initial panic stage now and lately, I have been having some really quiet periods so I know now, that the mad hissing high pitched whine that fills my head most days, doesn't last forever and that gives me hope. Have a trawl through some of the posts on here and you'll find a wealth of information that might help you further.

Best wishes



Thank you for your reply :)


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