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Hi every 1 been a while since i posted, Had my jaw op had check up 6th October wish i never bothered, Nasty little man... Basically jaw is worse then before op, and this nasty little man told me well it will be you need open jaw surgery, my reply was will i be able to eat after it. His reply was you need it but your not getting it, Its an expensive operation and your to old.... His words have stuck in my head maybe thats why Mr T is ragging... Hope every 1 is well have a good weekend x

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Morning Gail. I am so sorry to hear that , and send you my best thoughts. I wish I could make it better but struggle to get my head round how cruel horrendous state of the health service in this country is. Please keeping going reaching out to get a least some empathy and our care for you ☺


Hi Gail he clearly is not patient friendly and ought to go on a learning lesson on how to interact with people how awful to be told your to old you should report him to whoever is his boss that's not the way to treat or talk to patients hope your tinnitus settles. David Xx

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Don't take no for an answer. Put a complaint in to the NHS Trust about the feller's attitude and the apparent refusal to conduct a procedure they accept you need. Go back to your GP and asked to be referred to a different NHS Trust, they may have a different slant on things - they operate entirely separately AFAIK and are financially separate, so a different Trust might be willing to do it. Get on to your MP and make them work for their money.


Thanks for reply Ruud1boy, I have already been and seen gp i was in tears talking to her she couldn't apologise enough for his rudeness she kept shaking her head,She said age shouldn't make a difference but the NHS are cutting back on so many things, She has offered to send me back and sent another referral not that im holding out much hope. I have been to both hospitals here they are the same drs at each hospital, they work between both, Hope you are doing well x