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RIP John

Folks, as you know I try to be positive about living with T but sometimes it is just plain difficult. I mentioned a chap called John in a previous post who was just "surviving". We met at the ENT clinic in London and became friends. He told me that his T was like standing next to Niagara Falls. We swapped stories as to ways we managed this and often had a laugh together. He was really struggling at times but was just moving from "surviving" to "winning".

I phoned his mobile and a women answered the phone. It was his sister. She told me that John had died in bed and a heart attack was suspected. It really knocked me back.

I can't help but think that T played a part in this. The stress and torment no doubt took its toll on his body. I could be wrong.

So folks, not one of by positive posts but felt that I needed to share this. Please continue to support each other. Remember that it is the understanding of this horrible conditions that unites us. If someone posts something then tick the "like box" just to let them know you has read their words. Go one step further and respond. We are not all doctors but you never know how much you will have helped someone. People often wish to share something or to get a view on a topic.

"Tomorrow is promised no one"

Wishing you peace and quiet.


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I'm sorry to read of your loss, Ade. I'm sure that your friend valued your support.


Hi Ade, So sorry to hear the sad news about your friend. You must miss him, but always remember that you helped him through the bad times.

Love Lynne xx

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Thank you for you kind words.


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