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Severe tinnitus following an accident

Hi, I am new here but sadly not new to tinnitus. I had an accident in December last year. I got some Debac M solution in my ear, which is used for head lice. I went to the hospital the next morning as I was concerned as I couldn't hear properly. There was a warning that the liquid can cause chemical burns. The doctor in AnE did not seem concerned by this. When I told him I couldn't hear properly he then pushed a long metal hook into my ear several times and said "I am going to stop now because it is bleeding". I was horrified and in lots of pain. To cut a long story short he perforated my ear drum in 2 places. I have had constant tinnitus ever since and do not know what to do. I have been to see specialists but they say there is nothing that can be done about the tinnitus and that I just have to learn to live with it. Any advice would be very welcome.

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Typically, no specific treatment is needed for a perforated eardrum; the vast majority of perforated eardrums heal within three months. Your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic either oral or ear drops to prevent an ear infection or treat an existing infection.


Hi I wish it were that simple. The perforation has now healed and has taken 7 months. The liquid got through the holes and has caused inner ear damage. There is also a lot of scaring to the canal from the damage the doctor caused with the metal hook. There is also damage caused by the chemical burns.


Maybe put a complaint in !

Love glynis


Hello Blue

Sounds like an awful thing to have happened to you. This is especially so if you have ended up with Tinnitus.

I posted items on the quality of service and it does seem to be a lottery. No doubt you have seen your GP, they are the first port of call. Most will offer you medication to manage your anxiety, depression and insomnia. Most of us sufferers have been down the route so take it if it helps. No point being a miserable hero.

Push your GP for a referral to ENT. They can offer tinnitus white noise maskers, Hearing Therapy and psychology support.

Also, ring the BTA helpline for impartial advice. They are also very good. You can post questions on this forum. Somebody out there in cyber land will know the answer.

Lots of TLC also helps. T has left me with a very short fuse so my family have learnt when I just need time-out.

Good luck on your journey.


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Hi Blue, it seems to me that you should be entitled to the best remedial treatment after the harm done to you by A and E. once the physical damage has been repaired - whatever that entails - you need to be looked after by a tinnitus audiologist. Best wishes, Angela xx

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