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Taking thoughts away from Tinnitus


I previously posted that I like to think of three things each day that made the day special. For me it is normally stuff that takes my mind away from T. I went for a cycle with my son even though my ears were screaming. (remember my memory bank theory?) I was rewarded by seeing one of these. It was a polecat. It seemed to be watching us watching it. It is not everybody's favourite as they have a bad reputation.

There are probably some people complaining that this post is not about Tinnitus. For me it will show others who have started this journey that it is possible to get a life back. Not perfect, but a worthwhile one. This time last year I was in an really bad place. I am not where I want to be but making slow progress.

Anyway, it gave me something to smile about. See next post for what happened next on my nature trail.

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You were lucky to see a polecat in the wild - no wonder it took your mind off the tinnitus!

Lovely photo! It is good to be reminded that we need to treat ourselves to nice days, events, memories, thoughts etc. which do help to distract from our T. When busy, I don't think about T and so can't hear it. Like you though, for the first 12 months I was a wreck and didn't go anywhere. Love, Angela xx

Hello Angela,

I saw the polecat but I didn't actually take the photo. I wanted to show everyone what a polecat looks like. This image is from good old google.

Kind regards


I think that there are polecats in some part of Shropshire- obviously the location is kept quiet. Angela xx

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