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tinnitus much worse

my T has been not bad for about 2 weeks after i played a gig with ear plugs in and i was surprised how quiet they went THEN onsaturday back with avengeance sunday the same and theyre still bad now, and the anxiety has returned both ears now have it and both VERY LOUD, i find when they do go quiet the T is not as quiet as it used to be so i think its getting worse but i do have factors in life can be causing subconcious stress levels i hardly play drums at all now

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Hi Crawford, yes, stress definitely causes T to increase, as well as many other things of course. From your posts, it appears that you are not getting any support in Edinburgh. My hearing aid and masker are what usually work for me, plus the sound oasis on rainfall all night, every night. I haven't taken any pills for anxiety/depression for over 12 months, but I may take St Johns Wort or Valerian (herbal meds) if my mood doesn't improve soon. I find having to deal with the T 24/7 very tiring and, like you, don't take part in 90 per cent of the things I used to do before the T. What else can I say, less stress and more nice things to distract our brains from the noise seems to be the answer! Love and best wishes, Angela xx


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