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Hyperacusis and Tinnitus since 8 April 2017

Hi my name is Javier I am 31 years old and I live in Oxford. I have got hyperacusis and tinnitus since that date, and it was because of an acoustic trauma. The hyperacusis went higher 12th april and now is making my life quite hard.

15the April 2017, I went to A&E in Oxford and they gave me some tablets for travel disease, they did nothing. I was very frightened so I took a flight to my country, there 2 otolaryngologist checked me with very simple tests. First one (19th April 2017) told me that I have anxiety, stress and pysological problems as my hearing was perfect, I explained all the symptons to him but he said that I needed a psycologist. The second one (21th April 2017) gave me 'Cortisone', I am still taking the threatment it finishes tomorrow. This was, 3 tablets of 16mg a day during 4 day, 2 tablets 16 mg during the next 4 days and only 1 tablet 16mg the 4 days next. THE TABLETS DID NOTHING SO FAR.

Last friday I asked to my GP to get an appointment to ENT in Oxford, I did not get it yet because he forgot to refer me. Tomorrow morning at 8 will be there to get the appointment. My ears today were literally burning, the sensitivity is getting higher with the days. Can I do something else? Does anyone know a good doctor in Oxford with experience in hyperacusis (the main problem for me now) and tinnitus besides of headaches and blurry vision...


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HI javiergarcia,

If you have ordinary tinnitus which was caused by loud noise exposure/trauma, the best treatment for you in my opinion is to do Nothing. The ear is a very delicate organ and in the early stages of tinnitus most doctors (and rightly) prefer to leave things alone. Unless you are experiencing deafness, acute pain in the ears, dizziness or balance problems, then it would probably best to be seen at ENT. Otherwise, try and remain calm and not to worry too much. I know this is easier said than done but this is what you need to do.

By all means make an appointment to be seen at ENT, but don't be surprised if there is at least a 4 months wait perhaps longer which is what I would prefer and there is a good reason for this. Within the first 6 months most people habituate to tinnitus and it can even go away completely. As I've said the ear is a delicate organ so doctors prefer not to intervene too early. After 6 months if a person hasn't habituated then a referral to a Hearing Therapist is usually recommended.

Since it was an acoustic trauma that caused your tinnitus and hyperacusis, I will assume this was caused by loud sounds. Perhaps going to a club where loud music was played or listening to music through headphones at too high a volume? Whatever the cause I advise you not to listen to music through headphones for the moment even at low volume. If you used to use headphones, I advise you not to do so again even if your tinnitus reduces or goes away completely. This is just my opinion however the choice is yours.

I have written an article called: Tinnitus, A Personal View. It describes treatments and coping methods for dealing with tinnitus. If you would like a copy please send me your email address in Private messenger. I have also written one on Hyperacusis. Please click on the link: healthunlocked.com/bta/post...

Hope you start to feel better soon.


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Hi Michael,

I really appreciate your words, I have got an appointment today at 10.40 am with my GP. I feel dizzy and unbalanced, nausea as well so that is why I want a doctor to check me. It is not fair to wait 4 months to get an appointment.

So the night of 7th April 2017 I went out with my friends to a disco we were there for 30 minutes approximately. It is weird because my friends felt nothing in their ears after we went out of the disco, just me, I guess my hearing nerve is too sensitive. When we were out I could feel that I could not hear well... the ringing was quite high. We were in another disco for 30 mitnutes, when we were out I told them that I could not hear clearly. The morning next (9th April 2017) I could hear the ringing but I could do normal life.

The problem got worse 5 days later, 12th April 2017 I started to feel that most of the sounds hurt my ear. I went to work the next day but the dizzines, ringing, balance problems etc was too high. Then, saturday I went to A&E they gave me travel disease tablets. The 17th April I decided to buy I flight to my country and see my parents, I was frightened. The doctors there gave cortisone.

Since the 12th April 2017 I haven't taken any coffee or tea, I don't use headphones or earphone because hurt my ear.

Thanks for the article, help and advices, I will try to keep calm. I am alone in UK and is not easy for me.



Hi Javiergarcia,

With all due respect, I don't think you understand how delicate the ear is. Hopefully, your GP will get you a referral to ENT. If you were not having dizziness and balance problems before the onset of your tinnitus and hyperacusis, I don't think think there is too much to worry about at this stage.

It is not that your ears are too sensitive why you have suffered noise trauma and your friends haven't. The sound levels at that disco you all went to were just too loud. If your friends continue to subject their hearing to these high sound levels, it's likely the same thing will happen to them.

I advise you be more careful in future and follow some of the advice I have given in my post: Hyperacusis, As I see it.


PS: I understand the distress that you are feeling because I've been there, having had tinnitus for over 20 years. The right course of action to take when someone develops straightforward tinnitus, especially when caused by noise trauma, is to leave it alone as I've previously mentioned. If you are feeling stressed have a word with your GP and probably something will be prescribed to help relax you.


Sorry Michael the replied was not submitted,

Yes I don't know to much about ears that is why I trying to get some answers to what is happening to me/us.

If I am honest I used to listen to a lot of music with earphone / headphones when I was young. I am not using the earphone / headphones anymore only for isolated situations. I am not going to go againt to clubs or disco I never liked it to be honest.... I tried coffee but it makes me nervous, and I was a real coffee lover, alcochol either I tried and makes me feel bad. I don't care, new life with less drugs.

The Doctor yesterday did not too much about tinnutus or hyperacusis I had to explain her the stuff that I know so far. It is nof fair that the patient has to explain diseases to the doctor...... She gave me betahistine 8mg for the dizzines but I think I am not going to take these tablets becuase they don't help at all. Then she got me an appointment to the ENT in Oxford I will get the date by post.

I will read your article 'Hyperacusis as I see' but, in the meantime, I found a youtube channel and blog in spanish, it seems to be quite deep about the tinnitus and hyperacusis issue.


- It is in spanish if someone wants it I could translate it


This is the youtube channel,

I going to follow the therapy that he proposes to train the hyperacusis which is now my main problem.


Javier Garcia


Hi Javier Garcia,

I wish you well in what you intend to do regarding hyperacusis.

In fairness to GPs. Many of them have a limited knowledge of tinnitus. For this reason, it's best to be referred to an ENT department so tests can be carried out on your auditory system, then a doctor will be able to advise the best course of treatment for you.

All the best


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How's are you now ? Does your ear get any better? Did you get rid off from hypracusis


Hey would you like to update about your ears?

Did tinnitus get better? Or hypracusis.

I would like to know as I'm also in same boat as you from the last one week.

Can you please leave an email where I can contact you.

I'm looking forward to you.


Oh dear, they so often say we have psychological problems, and yes, we may have and that's because we have such horrid problems with our ears!!! Grrrrr. I don't know anybody at Oxford, but your gp should know. In the meantime, deep breathing, meditation, and distraction. I had the steroids, they give them just in case I think, they could still work, don't give up hope.

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Thanks for your support, I have got an appointment today at 10.40 at my GP in Oxford. I hope they refer me to ENT as soon as possible. Thanks.


How did it go?

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Hi Slipware,

As I said to Michael the GP in Oxford 27 Beaumont St did not know about the issue and she gave me Betahistine 8 mg tablets. I am not going to take them because are useless to me..... I am getting an appointment to ENT in the next weeks... so maybe months. Is annoying they don't know anything about noise trauma.... They doctor asked me ... Are you sure this was for loud music?....

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i suggest using ear plugs to drown out the noise but obviously take them out when you are in quiet surroundings

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Of course, I have already bought a set of earplugs but I wil buy a better ones just in case of noisy situations.


Hey how's your ear now ? I'm in the same boat as you as i went to the concert last week and stayed there for about an hour. After that I came out and couldn't hear properly I was kinda deaf Which I thought was the normal thing after exposing to loud music. One the very next morning my hearing was back to normal but tinitus is still there and my left ear is quite sensitive to loud noise. I haven't got no clue what to do. I am going through very tough time and have a great remorse of what did I go at 1st place as it's not my cup of tea.

Any update please


yes, go on youtube and watch reviews on decent ear plugs and then buy from amazon as you can read the reviews on there too

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