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Big thanks

Hi every one, Would just like to say a big thank you to the people who posted on my recent post "cant cope".

Its really lifted me to know there are genuine people out there that do care and are willing to help with information.

I have read your posts over and over again.

So a big thanks to










Hope you all have a good weekend

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Thanks Gail , and I hope you can ' carry ' knowing others are with you through the hard times. I too value the comfort of knowing ( though it sounds awful in one way ) that others know what it's like to struggle from their own experience. It's not non tinnitus people's fault that it's hard to grasp how it is , just as I had no idea before . And because it's not always visible . It was lovely to see this today - after ignoring my tinnitus and going to see my football team , having a great time with friends in the sun as we won , I ' paid for it ' with a loud tinnitus induced migraine last night which ramped the tinnitus up more. But I will not let it beat me - just have to rest as best today. It's such a contrary thing ! Take care 😎


Sure hope yr feeling a bit better.. I didn't feel so alone after people posted, so many caring people in fact it made me cry i just kept reading the posts over and over again. I just wish my T was lower down just a bit its raging through the left side of my head at the loudest it has ever been maybe cause im so tired not sure im counting down to my appointment with audiology. Any idea why listening to music etc etc has never helped me i dont seem to get any relief from anything the gas oven is looking really good at the moment (joke) but it sure is getting to me. Not sure what has made it this loud.


Evening Gail. We sound quite similar , if that not awful for you ! There seems to be as many ways of managing tinnitus ( gas ovens the least useful but totally understand the frustration ) as there are sounds and ' impacts'. I think mine is coz I am probably still not changing - in the aftermath of a t induced migraine , I couldn't say no to my pal and had a two and half hours walk in the sun with her and her dog. I don't like resting or admitting I need to take it easy , and as you know the tinnitus makes this even harder to do. I think that there are sometimes just now real reasons time why it doesn't ease off - which makes it a pain to live with but I guess also means somehow or other we have to see it as part of us , this I feel is harder for those of us who have it so much louder and more painful than others. Each day I say today is the day I cope with it - and like my Football team I fail mostly ! At the moment I get some partial relief being with my friends. Hope you keep on keeping on 💞



Had a horrendous weekend been dizzy and falling all over

My daughter frog marched me to A&E this morning

Realy wasnt intrested seeing i have had so many tests done for tinnitius

ended up getting a Dr from the maxillofacial unit to come and see me

As i am under them with tmjd

My daughter explained what was going on with tinnitus, dizzyness falling and loss of hearing

He then started to explain well yes i would get all these symptons and more seeing i have

anterior misalignment or displacement of the articular disk above the condyle

crepitus in both temporomandibular joints

masseteric hypertrophy

I sat there with my mouth open no 1 has ever told me this all i was told was we will wash yr jaw out

as you have arthritius.

He then went on to say we will put you on betahistines I said been on them since october

Oh we will put you on amityptiline been on them 5 years for nerve end pain

Oh well we will make an appointment for re education for your tinnitus been there done that

But he said you have to go there before audiology appointment i said i got 1 them 19th

Well he then replied there isnt anything else i can do for you good day

He did say that doing arthrocentesis (washing jaw out) could make my tinnitus worse

and all the other symptoms if it did he would botox the masseter muscles i asked if this would stop

the tinnitus he said No.

So looks like i have finally found out what has caused the tinnitus and the hearing loss lets just hope

Audiology can help me.

I cant carry on like this....


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