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Opinions on whether vitamins help Tinnitus


Hi all, This is my first post and I thought it was worth a bash-to see how other people cope with T. I developed it 3 years ago and went to my doctors who said basically I won't go away and I was stuck with it. At first I was very upset as it was extremely annoying however I have now got used to it, and don't notice it so much. I researched at the beginning and immediately gave up caffeine. At night is sometimes an issue as my other half loves a fan to sleep, and it is makes my T worse as the continuous noise irritates it the next day. We recently came up with a solution and now listen to 'rain on the roof of a tent' on an app he has. woo hoo problem solved. Other than that it doesn't affect me too badly, I suffer with hearing loss and it a problem at work as I work with children, and the variety of noises can make it difficult to hear when my work colleagues are talking to me from the other side of the room.

Recently I have read that zinc, magnesium, folic acid and vitamin b/b12 supplements are good at reducing T.

I started taking them yesterday, so we shall see. But I was wondering if anyone had tried this with any success?

Thanks for reading :)


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Welcome to the BTA community Georgie.

I just take a multi vitamin but magnesium I heard is a good one to take.

Great to hear you found a sound you both like to listen to that helps you sleep.

I use a pillow speaker sometimes but sleep on with medication.

I work with children also...lots of love glynis

Hi there, I hear ginkgo biloba is often suggested to help tinnitus but don't know much about it. I take barocca (b vits & zinc mainly) cod liver oil and super garlic but more for general health and energy than an aid to tinnitus-Bev x

Hi Georgie, I have taken a general multivitamin and multi mineral tablet - Boots own brand - for a couple of years. I also have a small glass of cherry juice (Sainsbury's or Morrisons) evening time which I believe helps with sleeping. You will find lots of positive support from friendly folk on this forum.

Love, Angela xx

Magnesium has been studied and there is good evidence that it can be effective. You need to choose the right type there are a good number I use Magnesium Chloride it is readily absorbed. Many such as Magnesium Oxide are not. Careful with it don't stray too fare from the loo, it can get things moving.

Hi Georgie!

I have started using Super Ubiquinol 100 mg. for three weeks now.

My tinnitus is not completely gone, but the Ubiquinol gives me a HUGE relief.

I can cope with it now.

I have read that it's important to use ubiquiNOL and not ubiquiNON.

Is this over the counter meds or do you need prescription?

Thank you for your post


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