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Serratia growth

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with Serratia growth on sputum test?

Mum has had a heavy growth show up which is now showing resistant to ciproflaxin. Only sensitive antibiotics are now IV.

She doesn’t feel really unwell like when she’s had bad chest infections, yet she doesn’t feel well either. She’s not able to go out and is finding her chest wheezy.

Her sats are in mid 90’s .

Is it wise to go down the IV route as a precaution? She doesn’t want to be unwell over Xmas or get worse, but the fear of side effects of hideous Iv drugs is off putting too.

It’s like being in limbo. Medical professionals seem pretty useless too as they’re all on the fence and unwilling to commit to a decision. It’s like the decisions are being left to us!



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