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i have NAFLD but keep feeling really sleepy and really itchey especially at night time, plus diaabetic type2

I am not getting much help at the mo regarding my nafld and its doing my head in, I am trying to lose weight but find it really hard at mo i have awful back ache , i itch most of the day but nearly all the time at night, and some days i can sleep all day honestly,i can wake up get the children ready for school, then i go back to bed and maybe wake up about 2pm or more its awful at mo do you have any advice please. anita

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work to a routine - be really rough with yourself - your body is winning dont let it . What are your levels of iron and vits like??? Have a blood test - ask for a TATT test - it stands for TIRED ALL THE TIME (TATT) it analyses all your body and hopefully highlight something thats causing it

Keep me posted

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thankyou for that i will try i am having blood tests on the 24th of this month but will go and see doctor tomorrow, because something is not right maybe antihisthamine tabs would help but i am taking all these tabs its doing my head in.


Hi.sorry to hear you ate having a rough time. I wonder if speaking to your doctor and asking about an antihistamine may help. I have AIH and and st one point the itchibg from jaundice was awful but an antihistamine prescribed by doc helped. Id advise you lay it all out clesrly for doc as well its your body and you know whats ok for you and not.

Good luck.



thankyou for that i am going to see my doctor tomorrow, because it just cant go on really, at the end of the day I only have one liver .


Dear Anita,

So sorry to hear that the itching is really getting you down. The advice given above is good because sometimes antihistamine does seem to do the trick.

However, there is some medication that is used for people with liver conditions who suffer from this very irritating itch. I do hope that I've caught you in time before you leave for the GP! Please ask your GP if they can prescribe: URSODEOXYCHOLIC ACID tablets.

Ursodeoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring 'good' bile acid in our bodies which makes up for approximately 1% of all circulating bile acids, but when given in tablet form it increases to 40-fold. It is also said to improve the flow of bile and to give some protection to the liver by displacing more harmful bile acids.

You also need to keep your skin well moisturised with e.g. Aqueous cream - you could ask your GP about this also or speak to your pharmacist at your local chemist for advice.

I would really like to speak to you on telephone, so please feel free to call me on Monday. You may be able to get hold of me today so please do try (asap). Tel: 0800 652 7330

Good Luck!

Best wishes,

Sarah Tattersall

Patient Enquiry Officer

British Liver Trust


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