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Complan...A good plan?

After speaking to a Biologist, who has done some work around liver disease, she mentioned how the liver cannot carry out all of the hundreds of jobs it needs to do as it is diseased. Therefore it chooses the most important jobs and does only these. The Trust website mentions taking nutritional supplements to help the body fuction. Well, I have started my husband on Complan, its been about 3 weeks now, and he seems to be feeling a bit better. He has a blood test due this month which will show any improvements/or not... I will update you of the results. My husband has Liver disease and also Hep C. His platelets are too low to repeat the treatment... But who knows... my Complan plan may just work!

Again, I will update you...

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Please do update, be very interested to know.


You could also see if your GP will prescribe Fortisp, my GP prescribed the Fortisip extra for the high protein content and it helped a lot. Ask for the 200ml bottles as they taste a lot better than the "compact" bottles.


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