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Slippery slope!

Hi everyone.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperlipidaemia, 4 years ago Type 2 Diabetes, 2 years ago NASH with stage 4 Fibrosis and now had decompensated Cirhossis confirmed. This all seems to have happened very quickly. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I have lost 2 stones in the last year, not sure what else I can do. I try to keep active but I get very tired some days. I am trying to stick with an OU course, but finding it hard to concentrate. As for the benefit system, well that's a joke!

Any tips, diet suggestions or general moral support appreciated x x

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Hi Kernowgranny

I too have NASH as well as a multitude of other things it seems every time you visit the Docs the list gets longer. One of the biggest battles I have is Fibro Hey I am a good girl I do not drink I dont smoke and my sex life is nonexistent but i still laugh at what life has thrown at me. Just passed an OU course it kept me out of mischief through the winter, I find the support through these sites of others in similar tight spot most helpful to know you are not alone hey on that note have a good day and smile x gins


I am finding it really hard to concentrate right now on OU studies. I am getting so tired so often and when I try to study my mind keeps wandering. Got a clinic appointment next month so will have a chat about this then. Think my body clock is out of synch, can sleep all day and stay awake all night!


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