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Alcohol Free for 12 Months

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Not asking for bells, whistles or a present but I would just like to tell someone that today I have not had 1 single alcoholic drink in 12 months .!! Didn't that go quick.When I was a drinker I could not go a single day without a drink so if you are struggling a little it can be done I assure you, just take it day by day it CAN be done

My skin is so much better, my vision has improved ( really ) , my feeling of guilt has gone, I look and feel so much better

I'm now looking forward to another 12 months of being alcohol free

Thanks for reading


46 Replies
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Hi Paul

Shout it from the rooftops it's a fantastic achievement be very very proud infact clap yourself on the back.

On my anniversary of sobriety I make sure everyone knows sure my friends get fed of me banging on about it.

Keep going wishing you many more dry years to come.

😁😁 Hayley

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Taffypaul in reply to bintcliffe

Thank you Hayley!! Just splattered it on my social media and golf channel lol

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Well done to you.

I'm 19 months without a drink and my liver has gone from decompensated cihrossis to compensated.

And isn't it just such a great feeling to be free and

Clear headed.

Look better.

Feel better.

All positive. I can't think of a single negative really.

And as you said it is just that, day by day.


Best wishes Joanna

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Millie09 in reply to golly123

Well done Joanna .. I know how difficult it can be to abstain from the demon drink I too have been sober 10 yrs now, albeit a blip when I lost my dad but got myself back on track with outside support,

It's never easy but the positive out ways the awful affects of alcohol..

I too am.compensated from decompensated ..

I wish you all the best going forward. Linda x

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golly123 in reply to Millie09

Thanks. Wow that is a long time. We'll done you. Brilliant that is xx

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Millie09 in reply to golly123

Thank you 😊 xx

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Well done fella. Be proud of your achievement 👏. My best. Chris.

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A big massive 👏 well done !! And why shouldn't you shout it from the roof tops ! It's a big achievement and a hard rollercoaster at times but we'll worth the journey

Good luck going forward, wish you all the very best


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Thank you all for support and kind comments !

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Hi and congratulations on your achievements, I say achievements because everything comes from stopping drinking as you know, first and foremost, you deserve it and to have a better life for yourself! I'm sure your whole world has changed for the better, lifes outlook is so much better especially having hope! I was drunk almost all my life and it was hell, I was homeless street homeless and I almost lost hope and indeed my life to liver disease but like you I stopped because I didn't want to die like my mum or dad or brother, they all died as a direct result of liver failure. Having genuine good people in your life certainly makes the difference! It did with me, and accepting support when I needed it. I take my hat off to you Mr, and I respect you massively. You give me hope too as well as many other people here! I'm 9 months sober and I rarely ever think of booze, as I said my desire to live is greater today.Keep going keep strong 😊


in reply to Tazzyguy1

well done to you too!

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congratulations on your achievement. You are doing so well. Keep it up and you will have a bright future.

I’m nearly 11 years alcohol free. I have Cirrosis but can manage to live a happy life, not perfect by any means, but certainly one I thought I may never see.

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Congratulations, Paul. Not an easy thing to do. Major achievement. Shout it loud...

good for you! Today I’ve been one month without a drink.

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Millie09 in reply to

Well done 👏 x

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moonwalker12 in reply to

me too! I used Lent as a reason to stop - feel so much better its unreal, just in 4 weeks.

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Tulip1973 in reply to

Well done x

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Well done! Congratulations on achieving a full year, and keep up the good work!

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Amazing! Well done - Huge Accomplishment!! Be VERY proud of yourself!! Tell everyone loudly!!

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Well done! That is amazing! I'm sure it was really hard. Can I ask how you achieved this? Did you have help or do it on will power alone? Anyway, whatever, again congratulations!

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Taffypaul in reply to ARM8

The fear of death just did it for me to be honest, I came out of hospital and just never drank .it wasn't hard. I decided I wanted to live. That was it really. My girlfriend also decided to stop drinkinking as well even though she wasnt a massive one to start so I guess that helped thanks

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Well done that's a huge milestone and you should be proud of yourself. I'm on 50 days free since diagnosis day and I think it is getting to feel 'normal'. Like you rarely had a day free for many years.

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Taffypaul in reply to AnxiousPete

Keep going Pete !! It gets better. I told everybody and still do that i have liver diesese and I do not drink, I find it re strrngthens your mind, your friends are aware of it and supportive

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Echo what the others have said….that’s an amazing achievement and very well done. The benefits of not drinking far outweigh the pleasures. It’s a lesson I’ve learnt myself. The clear eyes, nice complexion, feeling of energy, not to mention the improved quality of sleep all beat the hangovers, lethargy, headaches and red eyes that alcohol brings. What you have done is impressive…be very proud of yourself.

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Huge well done to you!!! It’s great to hear such positive news on here. Following a an unexpected diagnosis of decompensated cirrhosis, whilst in hospital for another condition and then a six week hospital stay, my husband has now been alcohol free for 3 years and is fully compensated. To support him I have also now been alcohol free for over 2 years and life for both of us, individually and as a couple, is so different and so much happier. All the best with continuing with your alcohol-free lifestyle.

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You shout it out mate and buy yourself a present too! No-one who hasn't suffered with what it's like to be out of control will ever understand the relief of getting sober. It isn't always easy but it's the gift that keeps giving every single day. Coming up to three years here. Went from jaundice + ascites + decompensated to compensated and my consultant has just removed the cirrhosis diagnosis after nearly three years after two fibroscans showed non-cirrhotic levels of scarring at f1/f2 border levels. I'm down to 'some pre-existing liver condition'.

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Well Paul!!! on the contrary, you deserve the highest of praises, well done you because at times it can be as tough as steel, I know, and I like to praise myself and all our souls on this forum! when you are faced with uncertainty the world changes, and you have to change with it! I like you feel a huge difference in my appearance, significant weight loss, and general well being! I love it!! Keep going buddy!

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Thank you everybody once again and congratulations to all others that have stopped drinking wether it be one day or 1 year or more. There are huge advantages here is one .. ( in jest ) I'll be away in May, 24 golfers for a mini weekend comp. 23 of them will be totally pissed Fri and Sat and the one sober one will collect the prize on Sunday lol !!!!

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congratulations! So glad you feel so much better, good health is such a reward. Here’s to another year of feeling well and being healthier. You should be very, very proud of yourself.

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Well done sir.

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Absolutely fantastic! Well done! Keep it up! You've done amazing!!!!!!!!

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That’s awesome Paul. A huge congratulations to you. 🥳

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There is nothing more I can add to what other members have posted. At least you won't have to stay behind "at School" for not doing what you were told to. Brilliant and go to the "top of the Class". Full marks absolutely. Keep on going on that same path to a full and happy life with no regrets.

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Great job Paul! I'm approaching 6 months so I know it is not easy! It is such a relief to not feel the constant worry about "killing myself" with the drink! Keep day at a time of course!

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that’s bloody brilliant and you should be very very proud

Chick_atee profile image

Well done. I tip my hat to anyone who recovers. Keep going and enjoy the benefits.

She-66 profile image

well done. !!!!

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Again a very big thank you for all your kind comments and support , Never did I expect any or many responses along these lines. Thank you, have a great day. Paul

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what didyou dowhenyou were tempted to have alcohol i am coming up to ten months without alcohol .just a few lapses one being my daughters wedding mostly i go tothe pub i drink oraange squash.

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Taffypaul in reply to mozlaw

Hi Moz, I don't get tempted to be honest, I've just made up my mind I don't drink alcohol anymore. I can't really put it into words how I feel. I don't go to the pub much like I used to as I don't see the point. Hope that helps if any cheers Paul . ( My partner doesn't drink either so perhaps that helps )

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mozlaw in reply to Taffypaul

i still go to the pubs which is where i used to meet people and told most that im not drinking .its only occasionally that i get an urge which is why i asked you .i havent had any symptoms of liver disease so i have nothing to threaten myself with.I found out from this site the terrible pain etc .anyway tanks for your uplifting news which will propel me to keep alcohol free for the forseeable future .well done

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Hi Paul

Well done! 12 months is a hell of a milestone. You should be really chuffed and I’ll second what Hayley said; shout it from the rooftops! You deserve to.

I also hit 12 months on 8 March and you better believe I let folk know. It’s a huge achievement and you should feel very proud of yourself.

Take it day by day. Self care is super important. What you’re doing is clearly working and make sure to check in with yourself regularly to stay on track. Complacency is our enemy.

One more rule I have for myself: always have an exit strategy/plan B.

I wish all the very best and I’ll look forward to next years post!

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Taffypaul in reply to Babygirl101

Well done to you also! I don't actually think about alcohol at all , I've taken up a new hobby which is far more addictive .... Golf lol

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well done!! Keep up the good work that amazing xx

Cb1963 profile image

Well done buddy 👏, keep the good work up, you enjoy the sober journey 👍

Taffypaul profile image

Thanks everybody , it's like my birthday but getting a hell of a lot more cards ! I wish everybody the best.

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