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British liver trust fibroscan

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What can I expect if I attend one of their events where they do fibroscans?

I am I feeling very nervous about attending one.

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Very quick non-invasive 5-minute procedure

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It's similar to an ultrasound where a probe is pressed over your tummy. Fibroscan takes a series of readings and from them a kPa score is calculated. The BLT roadshow will not give you any sort of clinical diagnosis but if your score is perhaps elevated they provide guidance and I believe a letter for your GP advising that you need further follow up.

Fibroscan alone cannot provide a diagnosis, it needs to be loiked along with bloods and potentially other tests if needed.


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Hi Hippohippo,

At our Love Your Liver events you can take our liver health screener, which assesses the potential for liver damage against the three main factors of alcohol, obesity and viral hepatitis. If the results show a potential risk of liver damage, then you may be offered a non-invasive liver check with a FibroScan machine. This scan can give an indication of any liver damage and, depending on the result, you may be recommended to visit your GP to discuss further liver tests. If you are concerned in any way about your liver health, please do not wait for a Love Your Liver day, talk to your pharmacist or GP.

You can find out more about the free liver scan on our website -

Best wishes,

British Liver Trust

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serhiy19k in reply to BritishLiverTrust6

Hello. Where could I find information about event dates and locations? Thank you!

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Hippohippo in reply to serhiy19k

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Curtis60 in reply to serhiy19k

contact the British Liver Trust

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absolutely painless

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Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I think I am going to get a high reading so I am really worried about the whole thing, getting a reading indicating serious liver damage would obviously be devastating.

I read other people mention the events so I checked and there is one in travelling distance to me in a while and since I know my liver is poorly I am thinking of attending one with the hope of getting a scan. I'm worrying so much I'm making myself feel sick.

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AyrshireK in reply to Hippohippo

Have you discussed your liver concerns with your own doctor, the roadshow fibroscan will only give you a potential indication of issues (or not) they won't actually be able to act on it but your doctor can get the ball rolling with some actual tests, referrals to hospital (if needed etc.).

I'd be going to GP - discussing worries, getting blood tests and possibly referral for ultrasound. Don't delay - the earlier you can get intervention and start dealing with it the better.


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Hippohippo in reply to AyrshireK

No, I have not mentioned my concerns, going to the doctor may have consequences so I'm not going to do that unless I really have to. I understand there really is not alot they can do, so there is no reason to consult with my doctor at this stage. Hopefully it is not as bad as I suspect and I can heal.

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AyrshireK in reply to Hippohippo

I am puzzled - you say you know there is something wrong with your liver, you also say you are making yourself sick with worry. Going to your doctor will enable you to get actual medically useful tests - going to BLT roadshow whilst useful will not provide any sort of definite answers for you. Fibroscan on it's own isn't too useful since the result can be falsly elevated if you have ongoing liver inflammation (you'll only know if this is the case if you have blood tests results to go along with fibroscan). Your GP can get you these tests and if they reflect any concerns with your liver can send you on for further follow up and treatment.

Not going to your doctor will leave you in this world of worry plus potentially delay medical intervention IF there is actually something going on.

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