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I had my bloods done a couple of weeks ago and they came back normal. Then I had my fibroscan yesterday and the nurse doing it told me my kpa was down from 11.5 last year to 6.5 today. I'm normal guys!!!!! Well pleased.

16 Replies
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Wonderful news x

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JackyAM in reply to Robert1220

Thank you Robert1220

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Wow well done, that's great news xx

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JackyAM in reply to Tia2021

Thank you Tia2021

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Hey Jacky...I am so pleased for you. Keep doing what you're doing!!... Mark

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JackyAM in reply to Hey___

I will, Thank you Mark ( Hey___ )

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That’s brill. Well done.

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JackyAM in reply to Aotea2012

Thank you Aotea2012

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Well done that’s wonderful

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JackyAM in reply to Cat-B

Thank you Cat-B

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hi Jacky that is wonderful news .. will you please share with me what your initial symptoms were and what you did to reverse your fatty liver? I was just diagnosed yesterday with NAFLD.

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JackyAM in reply to MaMthombeni

My GP referred me to the gastric clinic as my blood test came back that my liver enzymes were raised. At the time I had no symptoms that I could pin on liver disease.I had a fibroscan and turns out I had fibrosis stage 3 - which is one off cirrhosis (and in the USA they actually call in pre-cirrhosis)

I read up on what to eat and just threw loads of veg on my plate, ate oats for breakfast drank no alcohol ( I was NAFLD but the liver doesn't like it anyway)

At this point though I wasn't losing any weight, and that was actually the one thing my Gastro doc told me to do.

So I scrapped that plan and started counting calories - my physio actually told me this was the best way to diet, nothing's off the plate, eat what you want, just stop at your limit. So, 2 stone later here I am. I have no idea if it was the veggies or the losing weight that did it. But I feel great and I'm going to lose some more.

And thank you, it is wonderful news.

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MaMthombeni in reply to JackyAM

ok thank you ... I havent had a Fibroscan yet so dont know which stage but I have been having on and off upper right abdomen pain and had a sonar yesterday which determined NAFLD I need to loose weight too as I am obese

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JackyAM in reply to MaMthombeni

I would think every country has their own way of doing things but I think you should have a fibroscan soon.

I had a ultrasound ten years ago and it was mentioned that they could see I had a fatty liver (I thought at the time that I thought that was rather obvious as I am obese and thought no more of it) they didn't say it was something to address as they then found I had a bursting gallbladder and after that it was all about getting my gallbladder out. Ten years on - this.

So I think the best thing you can do is lose weight - by any means possible, lol. It seems to be obesity that is the problem. I still am, so I need to hit that further, and I will, I feel so much better for that 2 stone I think I'll another 2.

Good luck on your liver journey MaMthombeni

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Good news!! Did you have cirrhosis?

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JackyAM in reply to Belleben

Thank you. No I had fibrosis stage 3 - one step away.

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