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Anyone suffering with bad nose bleeds

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Has anyone suffered with bad nose bleeds. My mam has varicies in throat and had bleeds before and banded but last night taken back into hospital with another bleed from nose but blood coming out of mouth too. Is this common with some people. Is it something she will just live with? Thanks

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Hi Steph. Yes it was a massive nose bleed which alerted me to call an ambulance for my husband. When he was in ICU he was bleeding from his mouth every time he opened it to speak. But they did manage to stop it by the time l visited the next day.I would call 111 for advice.

All very worrying isn't it?

All the best.


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Steph_09 in reply to Positive001

Oh Laura I hope your husband is better now. It about her 3rd bleed in space of 3 weeks. So she is back to hospital so running more tests. Take care xx

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Positive001 in reply to Steph_09

Pleased she's having more tests done.No sadly hubby died after 10 days in ICU. But that was 11 years ago. So don't worry, l'm sure they will be able to help your Mum.

L xx

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Steph_09 in reply to Positive001

So sorry to hear that - it’s just an awful disease xx

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Positive001 in reply to Steph_09

It really is. Xx

Hi Steph

I suffered from terrible heavy nose bleeds during the last 6 months of my illness, some lasted hours and I would end up back in my local hospital and first thing they did was a blood transfusion. One of the main issues was all the dried blood that was collecting in my nose and this became unbearable, I did see a lovely consultant and he suggested using a home made saline solution and use in nose irrigation to clean the nose, moisturise and get rid of bacteria. You can buy saline solutions at your chemist or make your own (my consultant said to just make my own as it was cheaper!) - there is plenty of hits in google on making a saline solution and nose irrigation. This does not stop the nose bleeds but helps keep the nose clean.

Since my transplant, I have not any nose bleeds (touchwood).

Hope your mum gets better.


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Trust1Administrator in reply to PoppyPiper

This is a thoughtful reply, however, we would just mention to Steph, that your mum should only use saline solution washes if her liver doctors specifically advise it.

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Hi Steph,

Sometimes, if people have cirrhosis they can get nose bleeds or bruise more easily if their platelets are low. Platelets help blood to clot.

As part of their assessment, the doctors will be checking her bloods and platelet levels in hospital to investigate this.

We hope she feels better soon.

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