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gastroscopy - risk of bleeding?

Hi everybody,

My partner has a routine gastroscopy scheduled soon.Last month when he had a gastroscopy,they found no bleeding varices,however two days later he was back in the hospital with ... bleeding varices!

Could the bleeding be provoked by gastroscopy?

And what use is it in these check ups if he had the bleeding just two days after anyway?

Any thoughts and personal experiences will be deeply appreciated!

thank you allxx

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Hi love, that's a tough call! Did they take a biopsy with the scope? If they did maybe that could have caused it??? Hopefully someone more knowledgeable could respond! My suggestion would be to ask the gastro or heap specialist who performed it directly!! If you do find out the real cause I'd love to know about it. It could have been coincidental but somehow I highly doubt that. I hope your partner is doing fine noe❣🇨🇦

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Hi dear,no they didn't do biopsy.Thank you so much for your kind answer!


Just wondering if you got the endoscopy report after the gastroscopy, my hubby always gets a copy of a written report which outlines what was discovered during the procedure and what banding was carried out etc. His even have a little diagram showing in what area they found whatever they did.

My hubby has had nearly 20 endoscopies with 42 varices banded.

My question to doctors would be - were there varices identified on the scope ? & if so why were they not banded to prevent them from bursting a couple of days later. My hubby's consultant went 'aggressive' on his banding and got rid of his within a two year period.



Hi Katie,we did get a report and it said he has portal hypertension and they found one varice that 'popped' so they didn't band it.I think the reason is they really disturbed something there and thats why the bleeding occurred.Your hubby seems to be in good hands!wish him get better as much as possible,stay positive and hold on!



"Could the bleeding be provoked by gastroscopy?"

Yes, I know of another poster whos husband nearly died after this procedure, but unfortunately it has to be done, you cant just leave the varices unchecked. This isn't a common outcome, but it does happen. Although the varices might not look very swollen the gastroscopy does scrape and disturb them if not careful.

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Thanks very much for your helpful comment!


I had two to burst and I came very close to bleeding to death, I needed two back to back blood transfusions. They banded those two.


Did it happen after gastroscopy?

thanks for answering!


Before, 2 years ago, now they do endoscope once a year, no new varcies, no new problems with it.


Thank you very much,everybody. I racked my brains and came to the decision that the bleeding after gastro is probably due to low platelets (he has 40).So I called the hospital and they rescheduled the appointment and they are going to give him platelet transfusion before the procedure.

So if anyone here has low platelets and has to do the gastroscopy - tell your doctor maybe you need platelets transfusion before,to avoid the risk of bleeding.


I've had HCV, diagnosed in 2005 for an unknown period, and hiatus hernia for at least twenty years.

I had a gastroscopy about 4 years ago which showed several varices but there was no treatment year later I had the procedure a second time which showed....NO varices but a linear ulcer. Go figure.

More recently diagnosed with HCC which was summarily dealt with by resection in January, (the scar is not fully healed yet), I am now to be put on antivirals as yet to be prescribed.

When I see my consultant this week I intend to ask for a gastroscopy to check up what is happening there as the reflux has been very bad from time to time...and I'm wondering seriously what result will be pulled out of the hat this time.

What I'm trying to say is that as far as I have experienced, there is very little precise science or method involved; there are certain procedures, results subject to interpretation and some chance involved....patient variables and doctor variables.

A brilliant consultant one day may be practically incompetent the next are for example and hard days night in an emergency.

According to the regular blood tests I was having, my HCC should have been suspected 12 months before a new consultant spotted the tell tale results; fortunately in time and my post-op prognosis is now good.

I suspect that the linear ulcer in my oesophagus was caused by the previous gastroscopy since it had not existed after many years of painful acid reflux.

Each one of us is a unique individual with unique history, habits, mind set and symptoms; each of us has a unique set of inter-reactions with a team of variable and equally unique health care professionals.

Each "case" is an experiment, and and ongoing journey of exploration and discovery, destination unknown.

"We go by an unknown way, to a place that we do not know"


Well said,and thank you for sharing your story


hi I hope you don't mind me writing they can happen like that my hubby had the same in oct he had a fever and small bleed on the sunday went to a e it stopped the scoped mon but could not find any where the bleed was kept in in as they were treating the fever with strong antibiotics scoped again on the fri all clear then Saturday morning massive g I bleed my poor man ended up in I c u for 7 days went down 5 times could not find where it was bleeding from they told us nothing more they could do they tried balloon and clipped them he was on life support all family came to say good bye that was in oct by a mirrical he servived and is still here today its been a long road 3 yrs hes not drank he as also battled kidney cancer which as been abalated gone now great news again we are now being assessed for tipps he also as heart disease he as been scoped 3 times since on 4 week program having 3 then 6 varicies done the last time was clear great again but now are consultant thinks hes safe to go 12 weeks without a scope I am now fighting with the consultant as I feel my hubby wont make 12 weeks without a scope he as been scoped every 4 to 6 weeks for the past 3 yrs all ways with banding 3 to 8 each time this consultant to over care of my hubby in oct as our one left the hospital I know hes wrong all I can say is keep checking blood pressure and temperature regually as this can indicate a bleed its scarry if it does not feel right check it out you have to keep on top of things and also have regular blood tests I hope your fella is ok now hun x

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thanks very much for sharing your story!Lots of good wishes to your hubby and you,he is lucky to have you.Hold on!xxxxx


and you too xxxx


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