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Weight advice

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Asking for your help as the doctors are useless was in hospital middle of April in which I weighted 106kg stopped drinking week or two week before i went in was then started exercising 3-4 times a week was losing 2-3lbs each week from no beer and eating healthy stopped exercising two weeks ago due too the pain but I’m still losing weight each week around 1lb a week give or take as I write I’m 89kg is this normal from beer every night and a takeaway for two people to be losing that sort of weight thanks for reading

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I’ve lost almost 5 stone since 1st of January and some times I worry it’s because there’s something wrong but I have no diagnosis yet just a lot of elevated bloods over the years. I’m trying to think that I’ve lost so much weight as I’ve stopped the almost two bottles of wine I was drinking each day plus I really watch what I eat now, I’ve bound to have halfed if not more my calorie intake you’ve probably done the same!

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Luca17 in reply to Hayleigh79

Hopefully do you get any kind of pain if don’t mind me asking

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Hayleigh79 in reply to Luca17

Yes I get a lot of right mid to upper back pain which has gone on for about 16month it’s not a nice pain at all, roughly right behind where my liver would be, sometimes going into my shoulder they have blamed my weight (hence the weight loss) said it was muscular, I’ve been having physio which hasn’t eased it, I’m waiting for an MRI

Ultrasound came back as normal on liver so I’m at a loss

Hi Luca

If you are using more calories than you are taking in then you will continue to lose weight, even without specific additional exercise.

Just living and breathing and sitting like a cabbage all day means for a male we'd use up around 2000 calories in 24 hrs. Most people don't sit around all day so its quite easy to get that calorie usage up a bit more to around the 2200/2400 calories.

If you are eating reasonably healthy, have cut out the beer and snacks and fast food then you'll probably find that you daily intake is maybe around 1800/1900 calories, possibly a bit less. The 400-500 daily calories deficit will easily see you losing 1 lb per week.

You can actually check this yourself. Just log the calories you eat and see. There's plenty of free apps you can get on your phone to help with that, you just have to remember to keep logging the food when you eat it, lol.

Your phone may also have a bit of a fitness tracker built in. Its not the most accurate as we don't always have our phone with us when we potter about, but it can offer a bit of a guide.

Do keep an eye on it and if you are still worried then do have a word with your gp. Losing 2 stone in 2 months is very good going.

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Luca17 in reply to Kristian

Thanks for that some days I’m only having 1400-1500 a day and that’s snacking all day no calories hardly in healty food so I’ve started eating big bars of chocolate to bump it up my old diet consisted of 10-12 bottles of beer and fatty food for two people in one sitting so must be well over 4000 to 5000 calories or more that’s a 1lb a week there makes sense thanks making my mind at erase

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Kristian in reply to Luca17

Looks like you've gone from one extreme to the other, lol. I can see how you've lost so much so quick now. Do you have a target weight to aim for?

There will be a point where you should be looking to return to a diet that will enable you to sustain that target weight without too much sacrifice. We need calories and some fats everyday to keep us healthy so once you get to your target weight then you may want to just review your diet again to something that is more sustainable in the long term. 1400/1500 calories per day is a little on the low side to maintain for a long period of time especially if you are exercising too. I suppose its just about striking that right balance really.

Good luck to you and hopefully you'll get your desired results.

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Luca17 in reply to Kristian

I’m 36 now there’s no target wight for me now lol just a healty weight

Snap my doctor what I have had saying it’s muscular while my other doctor I had a few weeks ago saying it is some sort of liver problem as we both know it’s not muscular you keeping pushing for that mri scan I’ve got my bloods agin tomorrow so I’ll find out Friday if they find nowt I’ll booked my own mri scan and paid for it I’ve had enough now 6 months 6-8 different doctors and they have found nothing while i each week get different symptoms enough is enough rant over sorry they get me mad

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Its really positive that you have started to loose weight by cutting out the takeaways and alcohol. Can you maybe record your weight and run it past your GP?

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Luca17 in reply to Trust1

I did last week when he weighted me put it down to no beers but I tho it was a concern to be loosing that amount of weight already too soon

Hi My weight is stagnant but I’m still going with it but the pain is worse much worse. Burning a hole in my side, back and shifts along the front.

No appointment in sight. Getting very very upset by it all.

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Luca17 in reply to Seoe

Mines all over front back right shoulder but for some reason my left shoulder is aching started last night.get back on to your gp keep pushing as for the pain are you taking any pain relief

I use a health tracker that also does a nutritional breakdown of the food I eat & shows me where I need to improve nutrition or cut back. Something like that may be useful. I use My Fitness Pal but other similar apps are available & equally as good.

Hi Luca Hope you don’t mind me msg

Just feel that you have similar symptoms to me.

Just wondered how you are. My pain is worse. I have just had new bloods done so results next week and dr has arranged 2 more ultra sounds, 1 abdomen and the other abdominal wall. I don’t know what the difference is. It gets so confusing, that is on 20/7.

No hospital appointment in sight so this is all I have. In the meantime pain is just there 24/7. No drink, lost 2 stone, good diet, excercise what more can you do

I’m sure something is terribly wrong inside. Some on here say ultra d as Lund no good too, I’m scared witless.

I hope your ok.

Hi seoe message me any time since last time my last two liver function tests where normal except for alt which was 43 only slightly rise the pain now I get on my left is the same as my right side I have pain all over my back and pain in both shoulders was in hospital this time last week where I had another chest X-ray more bloods and urine summit came back with my pancreas and pre dieabetes for the pain I’m on dihydrocodine in which help a lot hospital booked me in for a upper endoscopy in which I had this Wednesday came back normal horrible feeling that was I’ve also got a appointment with gastro next month I’ve got a private mri scan this coming Wednesday paid for both liver and pancreas apart from the pain everywhere only new symptoms are burping all the time and my stools have gone yellow like a banana skin I’ll keep you updated after my mri scan on Wednesday

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