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Just thought is Hair Dye dangerous for your Liver does it contain Toxins?

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Oo good question. Some do carry a warning on them. What is your liver condition diagnosis?

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Think Compensate Cirrhosis or Scarring of the Liver with no symptoms

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Its probably best to ask your GP or even ask your hairdresser explaining your condition. Being professionals they should deal with your queerie with complete confidentiality. Please let us know, l would be interested to know the answer.Look after yourself.

Laura x

I've just found this little snippet of information on an American website, entitled, "Hair Color for the Liver Conscious". It's a rather oldish article but may still be relevant today:

Well would you believe hair colourants carry better health warnings than bottles of wine do .... oh the irony eh Richard?

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Don't know what to do nowAny suggestions?

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Like l say talk to your doc and hairdresser. There may be certain brands who do a toxin free range these days with a lower risk?

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You could just let it grow grey and be proud. After all, people who have to have chemotherapy don't turn down the treatment just because their hair is going to fall out. Besides, people should like you for who you are, not for what you look like.

Sorry I can't be much help with this.

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Get a tooth brush and brush it on not touching the scalp.

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Well went through everything in bathroom and everything is Toxic from deodorant to makeup?

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Wow ! Maybe the livertrust website has some info? Or maybe a call to them tomorrow would help to shed some light?

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Ok danielfieldmailorder do alcohol free hair colourants and products ! Also skin care and does online consultations 👍

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Unfortunately this is pretty much true!

How very true Laura how true. But then you don't get many modern day politicians buy shares in Hair dye companies.

Also true.

If you keep it off the scalp I wouldn’t think it would be a problem (foils)

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Problem is roots 67 years old ordered natural stuff on Amazon

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Danielfields .... 01548830560There you go, you can ring them ... simples 😀

Is that a problem?

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Thank you I will ring tomorrow and order Have found Toxic free deodorant but to be honest we can never be totally free of Toxins can we?

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No and in small amounts you will be fine. Its not as though you will be colouring your hair every day and you need to do your hair and make up to make yourself feel better, brighter and happier. Hope it works for you.... stay positive and keep smiling 😀 Laura xx

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Thanks Laura Been in a very dark place and read to many upsetting things on internet

Need to brighten up and not give up xxx

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Great attitude. Xx

Hi Harrisbonnie,First of all .... best of everything to you going forward 😊 I have had a liver transplant liver. I know that yes hair colour can effect your liver. Please go to a professional and let them know your situation . Perhaps they than use a lower peorioxide in the mix. Best of luck 🥰

Just a bit of info. I used veet as I have a hairy back. Don't wish to look like a gorilla lol. That a no go that stuff. Within minutes I felt ill. So got it off quickly. Toxins entered through skin pours.. There toxins in stuff that we never give a thought to.. Hope this helps someone

Hi, i had my roots touched up pre TP and during treatment up until I was too ill plus lockdown. Post TP and putting on weight, making progress etc, decided to address my hair (sorry Richard, not quite ready for the glorious grey yet😀) checked with the Liver team & the only question I recall was to do with Prednisolone of which I was taking it pre TP & having my roots treated with no side effects or reactions so I bought a non amonea off the shelf brand & used it during lockdown. No problem & my 6 weekly bloods are fine.

This was a temp solution until I return to the hairdressers but please, if anyone does try this, double check with your GP & do the skin test before apply due to any medication you are taking. Hope this helps a little (and to you Laura).

Great info thankyou

I was diagnosed in February 2020 with compensated cirrhosis and like so many here, have been doing everything in my power to stop letting toxins enter my body so as to aid the liver and its processes. I started scouring youtube for glamorous greys and decided to do it! I havent looked back since. I have a very good cut and style & apply makeup especially a bright lip everyday. I cannot believe how liberating it feels and how many positive and lovely comments I have received. My advice would be to try it! It does take more than a year (I only have a tiny bit left on the tips) but it is one less thing to worry about and I have noticed my hair is soooooo much healthier. Just my point of view of course but you may be as surprised as I am to embrace the real you. Good luck whatever you decide 💕

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Good morning !

It was lovely to talk with you on the helpline.

As discussed, lifestyle changes including abstinence from alcohol, nutritious diet with less processed foods and exercise are recommended for long term liver health ,

You raise an interesting topic, I am unsure as to the breadth of evidence for this, and I look forward to hearing your Consultants thoughts next week .


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Hi trust. What I will add is my consulant dismissed the weakness I had in my legs and arms. Said its not liver related. So sent me for expensive scans. But my liver nurse nodded her head when I mentioned the weakness to her. And guess what it was liver related as when my symptoms faded so did the weakness along with other symptoms.. I even to told the consultant it was liver related. So cost NHS thousands of pounds for mri scans and other stuff.. Sounds increadable I know. !!

Gosh, I never even considered it !! I am awaiting a liver biopsy and had my hair coloured 2weeks ago. No ill effects but because my hair was not in best of condition I have noticed some breakage and the ends have split.Bleach was used.

I have high ALP levels ( for 12 months) and vitiligo and my usually fair hair started growing darker with some black growth!! Most strange hence the colour.

All the best


Premier inn Cribbs causeway

I'm diagnosed 8 years( aih/pbc) I've continued having my hair coloured every 6 weeks, the only difference is my hairdresser reverted to using the old fashioned cap ( I get highlights) so colour doesn't touch scalp, this has worked out fine for me.

I have PBC too. Hair dye is one of the things that is sometimes mentioned as a possible trigger for PBC, but it's not confirmed by any means. I stopped dying mine even before the PBC diagnosis, and let my silvers shine. Best hair decision i ever made, I never think have to think about my hair colour or roots colour at all anymore.

I checked with my hepatology team pre and post transplant about colouring my hair and they were fine with it! I had purple highlights at one point! It’s not something you do that often and I have mine done by the hairdressers! But if in doubt check it out🙏💜

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