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Fatty liver

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Read report on my US scan. Says fatty liver. What symptoms have people had? Does it cause constipation and light stools?

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Would love a reply, I’m so worried.

Did they explain that fatty liver is reversible with cessation of alcohol and healthy eating? If you do both you shouldn’t have reason for worry x

I wouldn’t but I have still have symptoms. Just would like to know if it’s normal for fatty liver.

Dogmadpam is absolutely right... don't drink alcohol ever again, eat healthily for life, drink 8 glasses of water per day plus tea and coffee, get fresh air and exercise every day. Your fatty liver will heal then maybe you will stop worrying ! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don't know what more any of us can say ... you can't cure someone who chooses to spend their life worrying.

Well put it this way, would you like to have to use Lactulose each day, would you not be alarmed at having pale stools. Would you like your beautiful thick hair to be coming out in handfuls? Also urine darker? My eyesight not as good as it was either, I’m distraught. Before you say it, I shouldn’t have had wine daily and kept to a better weight. I have been a useful member of society and take offence at your attitude. I’m not an idiot, far from it but scan and blood test, are not adding up at the moment. But at least you reply and thanks for that.

As AyrshireK pointed out to you on a previous post all those symptoms point to anxiety which you know you suffer from. As for fatty liver you can cure that too.

I just have this fear that test results are a mistake. I read posts on here that confirm my fears.

Ok so what mistake has been made?

Blood panel and scan. According to reports except for fatty liver ( not a lot) according to Sonographers, I’m in good working order but I still have these symptoms.

So why do YOU think you have these symptoms when all the tests show you to be well? Apart from fatty liver which can't be cured by anyone but yourself.

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TT-2018 in reply to Worriesalot

How I wish that mine were mistakes, unfortunately the only mistakes were my own lifestyle choices.

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Worriesalot in reply to TT-2018

Well I agree, but I didn’t get a warning, I changed over night. I look back and think maybe that was a warning, maybe that.......it’s self torture. You are on the beach again and I’m splashing about in the sea. Have good day.

And you have fatty liver.... TT had full on cirrhosis before he made the changes and needed a transplant. You have everything going for you in that you can turn both your conditions around. I truly wish you every success with changing your lifestyle, curing your fatty liver and getting professional help with curing your anxiety which will rid you of your symptoms.

I just want my normal life back. Thanks Laura for your concern.

Only YOU can do that

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Angel46 in reply to Worriesalot

Hi WorriesalotIf your bloods are coming back okay then it’s not your liver that is causing pale poo. It’s normally a high bilirubin count that causes the pale colour so it’s more likely what you are eating. Hair loss can be caused by all manner of other conditions which I am sure your doctor will have investigated,if not then maybe have a word with them . I do think your anxiety causes a lot of your symptoms and I think that’s what the gp should be addressing ASAP , get that under control and maybe everything else will fall into place.

Yes, there can be things missed through tests but not all the tests . Your bloods are good and your scan was good, I think it’s time to be thankful that you’re liver is at a stage that it can be reversed, not everyone on here is as fortunate . Concentrate on a lifestyle change , you will benefit from it . Take care

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Worriesalot in reply to Angel46

Thank you Angel.

I drank every night for over 20 years. When the liver is fatty is struggles to work efficiently. This causes side effects.... I had pale stools, nasty hair, spots, felt awful, dark urine (which disappears when you stop,drinking and drink water), pain over my liver every day for 10 years or so, raised ALT etc etc. Anyone who drinks to excess will suffer the consequences, it’s a poison after all.

Scans and blood tests are not wrong so if your symptoms are caused by the fatty liver then as with me it will all be better with healthy diet, water and stopping the drink. Even after 20 years, I gave it time and all clear for liver damage. That’s because I stopped hurting myself.

Give it time as do the right thing for yourself and you will be ok. Xx

I drank a bottle of wine for 30 years. Had some nights off but way overdid it. Not touched alcohol for over 4 months but no improvement yet. Thanks for advice.

The hair loss, pale stools and constipation can all be signs of stress and anxiety as I demonstrated in earlier posts about health anxiety so you really do need to get a grip of that side of things - you've got a combination of things going on with both the fatty liver and the anxiety issues. I acknowledge you have physical symptoms but remember you've been drinking for 30 years (as you've posted) and it has taken that long for the damage to build in your liver so it isn't going to rectify overnight - 4 months is relatively early in your road to recovery.

You've had relatively good news in your fatty liver diagnosis with good bloods now concentrate on getting well both physically and mentally because you are in a vicious circle - you wanted a scan, you've had it but now you are questioning the results and sending yourself in a whirl of stress, with stress causing physical issues.

If you get control of the health anxiety and your diet is good and you are exercising more then your mental health will improve no end and your symptoms from stress will dissipate.

You've got a classic case of health anxiety and health anxiety DOES lead to physical symptoms.

I do wish you all the best in the world because it's in your hands to turn this around.


Thank you. I’ve had a good day today, keep brushing off liver issues. Thank you for your kindness and I wish you and your husband all the very, very best. Xxxxxxxx

I also have fatty liver to the point its borderline cirrhosis.. I'm only 33, so it was very upsetting to find out I may or may not have cirrhosis.

All I can do now is the same as you, lose weight and eat healthily and exercise. I've lost 2 stone so far and feeling much better. I also have severe anxiety but I've focused my energy into losing the weight.

My consultant will not see me again till July so sitting here worrying isn't going to help me. I've googled everything over and over again, and it didn't help me in the slightest. Since losing 2 stone some of my ailments have gone. I used to suffer badly with constant diahroea, to the point it was so bad I would constantly bleed (sorry if TMI). It was horrendous! That has now completely stopped.

Fatty liver is curable so you are lucky compared to some of the lovely people on here who are suffering greatly. I wish you good luck with your plan for the future and hope you manage to reverse your fatty liver.

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Worriesalot in reply to Jaygee87

Thank you. X

Glad to hear you’re improving. Sonographer says only a bit, but on report it just says fatty liver. Yes like you just doing my best, no alcohol for months now and fruit and veg, fish and lean meat. Hope everything better for you when you see specialist. Thank you for replying.

Morning worriesalot, How you feeling today? Everyone is different so everyone will have different symptoms, some have none, while others become unwell ,most fatty livers are found through going to the drs with something else wrong with them, if you suffer with anixety its going to be worse for you more so than others who dont and have never suffered with anxiety ,unfortunally some people have no understanding how bad it can get a person when they are ill and suffer with anxiety and can be judgmental and harsh on their comments. Remember some are carers of loved ones passed and still here and have no idea what its like to actually suffer with the illness wether it be fatty or cirrhosis, yes its aweful for us carers to watch,witness our loved ones suffering and we cant do anything to help them but its worse for the sufferer, as ive said in my posts, no one wakes up one morning and thinks oh today i think ill become an alcoholic and damage my liver, no its a process ,its an addiction and i thank my lucky stars that i never fell into that spiral, i could have done when my 1st marriage broke down because i was drinking alot but i wasnt to the point where i was dependent on it.The old saying, there but foe the grace of god go i. If i was you i would ignore any negative and judgmental comments towards your posts because some are still angry at their loved ones for what they put them through and will have no patience or understanding of others who sadly have ended up ill through lifes addiction, because all it does is upset you and cause more stress, this forum is supposed to be to help wether its to support or bring words of comfort not to judge on life choices that others make. You are doing the right thing by not drinking and eating healthy, if you feel your going to fall back come on here talk to someone, talk to one of the team leaders,message me anytime your feeling anxious, upset, or just want to vent.Hope your feeling bit better than you have been.Love and hugs


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Worriesalot in reply to lyn3

Thanks Lyn. I have always been anxious and under confident, hence the wine drinking. I always swore I wouldn’t get myself ill with it though. Symptoms came on suddenly, I’m beyond terrified. At one time you would believe blood tests and scans but come on here and they put doubt in your mind. I am trying to lead normal life for my family’s sake but just about holding on. I can’t bear thinking I’m going to die and not see them again. I’ve been in the position of caring for someone with esld and know what’s coming if I have the worst. Hope you are coping the best you can and your loved one improves and improves. Much love xxxxxxx

I think if it’s the person we’re both thinking about, she is angry and still grief stricken and being on here still feels that thread to her loved one is still there.

Hmmmm interesting theory. Maybe you should ask her?

Hello.I had a MRI which found six tumours on my liver at the time it was very scary for me as I was sent on a urgent referral for suspected cancer I’ve always suffered with anxiety it’s awful I then had my MRI which confirmed they’re benign. I was the exact same as you anxiety always makes you think the worst case senario I was convinced they missed something or got it wrong even after the MRI and bloods being fine. It got to the point where I was obsessing over it I then started getting all the symptoms and was convinced I was dying. I am dealing with it a lot better now and it’s no longer consuming my every thought and now the symptoms are gone so anxiety does play a big role in the symptoms. I hope your ok I know how bad it can be when suffering with anxiety if you ever need a chat you can always message me. Xx

Oh bless you! I can’t get to send PMs, it just won’t let me. I have been ok this morning been shopping with daughter but hate coming back to being on my own and alone with my thoughts. I just want to be myself again. Hope you keep well, I think you’re very brave, so glad you’re well. Thank you for caring.

I’ve slowly started feeling a bit better over the past week.. but the thoughts was constant from opening my eyes to closing my eyes I then got all sorts of symptoms and was convincing myself they’ve got it wrong it was awful. I feel calmer cos I’ve had my second mri a week a go and not heard anything yet so would presume if it was serious they would have contacted me now.. hope you start feeling better soon I also joined a anxiety group on here too that was quiet helpful they’re was a lot of people to speak to going through the same xx

Glad you’re relaxing again. If my physical problems would go, I would relax. MRI scans are very thorough I’m sure. Hope you have a lovely day in the sun, I’ll look on the anxiety website. Xxxxxxx

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