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Fibro scan score


Hi guys can people share what their fibroscan score is ? My score was 13 kilopascals Just curious what it actually means x

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Hello! I’m new here but have recieved a similar result of 13. My doc has been advised this is advanced fibrosis/incident cirrhosis (potentially beginning) a biopsy has been recommended and I’m in with the specialist on Monday to hopefully get some positive news and next steps that I can reverse this. I’m 40 overweight with a history of binge eating and drinking and I’m determined to tackle this once and for all. I e already recieved really good advice on here and happy to share my updates with you if it helps. Did you get told what the next steps are?

Aww thanks for commenting oh right well in a sort of relieved sort of way my doc never mentioned what stage mine was at other than that it was cirrhosis so I wonder if it’s early like you mentioned xx

Did your doctor say it was cirrhosis? I hope they have offered some support. My review was done my a liver specialist so I will meet her on Monday and see what she says. It’s very scary isn’t it. Are you making any changes? I haven’t drank alcohol since New Years but diet was terrible so I’m eating healthy for foreseeable. This site is a great resource and very reassuring.

I got told yesterday that I have cirrhosis and need to eat healthy exercise and lose some weight he was very good but offered some support but nonetheless I’m devastated as was not expecting it. I knew last august via a ultrasound that I had fatty liver so I haven’t drunk alcohol for nearly 6 months which is fine by me xx nice to share experiences with people in similar situations xx

I’m the exact same scans a year ago showed no scarring? I was expecting to be told fatty liver but couldn’t believe the mention of cirrhosis. It’s a lot to take in but we are on the right path just need to keep going!each journey is different but I’ll share any advice I receive next week with you. I’m wondering if the inflammation is due to christmas overindulgence also as I ate bad over the season and had more binges with food than usual. I am determined to stay on track now for myself and my family.

Yes me too !!! Here’s to us ❤️

KC108 in reply to Worried2021

Your fibroscan might have overestimated since your scan a year ago showed no scarring. What was your previous KPA? Fibroscans are prone to operator error. My last one had to be repeated as she was hitting a rib and it raised the score. Did you get a copy of your report? Also check and see what your IQR med is for the KPA on ths report. It should be under 30%,

Worried2021 in reply to KC108

Cheers for the reply KC108 much appreciated. My IQR is 1.4 I’ve no idea what that means? I carry a lot of fat on my tummy so it took a lot of prodding and poking to do the scan and I’m bruised from where the pushing was.this was my first Fibroscan I’ve had ultrasounds that didn’t show any scarring and the blood work I had done 6 months ago didn’t suggest cirrhosis according to consultant so I really don’t understand how all of this is happening so quickly. I have been no saint with healthy eating or exercise and December was more indulgent than most so I’m wondering is it a lot of inflammation. They took photos on the fibroscan too but I don’t understand them I presume she would see problems on those?

I also noticed that you have Alpha1 so do I ? Wow another alpha lol

No way what are the chances! I never heard of it until I started this journey to figure out why my levels where so high. That can be a contributior too from what I’ve heard. I gave up smoking 4 years ago and that’s when the issues with my weight really started to creep up. I’ve been told there’s not much treatment how do you manage yours?

I know, I only found out about my Alpha1 end of last year my genotype is piMZ so am a carrier too so my children and siblings need to be tested so far it hasn’t affected my lungs but my sister has unexplained COPD so she now needs to be tested as this may give her some answers as she’s a non smoker but always wondered why she got it

Wow I am a carrier too. I had never heard of it before and it seems to be really common if I have it and my parents have it my daughter will more than likely have it too but it’s probably a factor for us. We will get through this don’t worry x

Yes hopefully xx 😘

There is a reason, well plenty of reasons, why you weren't given a stage, but just a number. Firstly, the cause of the liver damage needs to be known. Each cause has it's own scale. So, the number will not diagnose the cause.

If you have damage from alcohol, there is one scale, but a different scale if the cause is from an autoimmune disease etc etc.

One number alone will not really tell them anything, they need to see a pattern.

All sorts of things can influence the reading as well, including how evenly your liver has been damaged. Current inflammation will also affect the reading. In short, other people sharing probably won't tell you a lot because different things will have affected their readings

I hope you don't mind me pointing this out, but I would hate for you to read too much into this number & then go away with the wrong idea.

Good luck with your future health.

Thank you I was invited to go for a fibro scan told the result and a letter would be sent out that’s all I got !! She said I had a score of 13 kpascals and need to change my diet lose weight that was last year then I went for a app with the consultant yesterday and told me I have cirrhosis? Due to fatty infiltration in my liver ? But also due to alpha1 disease

If they are telling you about fatty liver, then there is a good chance they also measured a CAP score. There will be others that can tell you about this or use the search bar to find out more, since I have never had this measured, but it is related to the fattiness of the liver.For cirrhosis, you should try to get good protein amounts, eat smaller meals, but at more regular intervals, so that your liver can process things better.

It's worth asking the Consultant about seeing a dietitian, who will give you advice based on your current intake. I can only give you vague pointers, since I don't know your current food intake or weight loss goal. Good luck🙂

Thanks I appreciate it I’ve been referred to a liver dietitian so wait and see thanks again

Woo hoo! Hope you get a good one 👍

Cheers lol 😂

I had no idea there were different scales for alcohol related and non alcohol related. My doctor never told me that.

If you search on BLT for member Phil64 and then search his posts he only has 6, then you will find one with fibroscan in title. Click on this post and the fibroscan scale is there. Couldn't work out how to post it here🙄

I can't seem to find him but thank you!

He is there! I've searched a few times as I tried to post the scale, without success. Don't put in any spaces, it should find him.😉You have to click on British Liver Trust, under Communities, then click on members, then type in name. Hope that helps 👍

My fibroscan score was 29.3 in November. I was just told that I have cirrhosis, that my Autoimmune Hepatitis has exhausted the capabilities of my consultant and told I would get a referral in the post for another hospital. I wasn't given any advice other than I wasn't "about to fall off my perch anytime soon"

Oh am sorry to hear this, yes it seems it depends on which doctor you get regarding the amount of info you receive thanks for your comment and best wishes x



Whoever performed the FibroScan has a duty of care to explain the results for you.

Please do discuss this with your own doctors for safe and accurate interpretation.

Marleydog116 in reply to Trust1

It was a liver nurse I think who done it but didn’t elaborate just change diet and lose weight

Trust1Administrator in reply to Marleydog116

We would suggest that the result needs interpretation.

Sorry I didn’t explain properly that’s what happened at the fibroscan app and I didn’t hear anything else until I got an app 5 months later with the consultant who explained about fatty infiltration mainly causing the cirrhosis and very little about alpha1

Hi I was diagnosed with nafld in June 2016 caused by meds from my drs over the years, then in the November I was diagnosed with Nash after a biopsy ,was told lose weight, eat healthily and exercise more. Nearly 12 months ago I had a fibroscan and my result 12.8, my liver nurse told me I had compensated cirrhosis. She told me when it's compensated liver is working okish but she said when it goes to decompensated I will need to go on the transplant list. I get a lot of pain in my right upper quadrant . My consultant said because your liver is so fatty and enlarged it stretches the capsule around it which causes the pain, liver has no nerves but the capsule does.

I have to have a scan every 6 months and a blood test at least every 6 months.

Does your liver nurse keep in touch with you. Mine also said if I ever need to ask her anything feel free to phone.

What's the next plan of action for you? Take care and stay safe

Lots of love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗💜🤗

Hi Lynn yes I too have cirrhosis and learning to accept it now , was a shock but hey ho I found out on Wednesday and they took bloods ave to get a scan in feb then that’s me for another 6 months. Complete changed my diet drastically... I need to but am actually enjoying it 😄

9.7kpa in september2020,and in november 13.6.Hepatits B chronic and D virus,my ferritine Lso is veri high,1050,i m expecting the worst scenario .But,no other choice...just hope.I know that this is the end...can be 1 year,can be 5,no one knows.I hat interferon peg 1year therapy,it worked pretty good,all blood tests looking good now.

That’s good your blood results are looking good now. It’s a terrible worry , liver disease. Just got to keep positive x good luck pal

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