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New here


Hi. Am new to network. As a recent transplant patient after months of being very ill, I am looking to share other people experiences and just connect with others

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Welcome aboard Michael, I am sure your pre and post transplant experiences will be a great help and support to others.


Michaelh74 in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks Katie. I hope I an help those who are waiting on a transplant. There are loads of things that I didn't know to ask at the time and have learnt post op


A warm welcome to our forum.

We hope you can share your experiences with our members here and find the forum a supportive place to visit

Warm wishes


Welcome, There a lot of good people on here

My transplant was over 2 years ago now, and it took me eight years to get there

Best wishes


Michaelh74 in reply to david5354

Have been very lucky. Was only on the list for about 6 weeks.

Welcome👍 My transplant was December 2019 at King’s! I had 4 trips from Devon to King’s between September and December and the 5th time was my time to get my life changing gift! It is a different experience for everyone and it is still a “school day” every day🙏👍

Michaelh74 in reply to Lam1e

I agree. Is amazing gift and a second chance. Is about doing everything to keep the new liver healthy

Newcastle1 in reply to Lam1e

I had mine December 21st 2019. Been at home ever since with the help of Covoid 19 !!!!!!

Hi Michael and welcome,

I agree, there are still so many questions post transplant, and you’ll find you have the answers to someone’s weird anomalies that are asked on here.


Hi Michael,

Welcome and it great that you want to share your experience. My husband is waiting for a transplant assessment appointment so I would love love to know what you have learned and what questions to ask.

Michaelh74 in reply to Bs1524

Hi. Thanks for your message. I think it is important to ask about the medication he will need to be on post transplant. Is important to get clarity on diet too. Where are you based as I think different trusts are slightly different

Bs1524 in reply to Michaelh74

We are in Lincolnshire but the transplant team are at Addenbrookes in Cambridge

Michaelh74 in reply to Bs1524

From what I have seen on here the team there are pretty good. I know that the transplant team in Edinburgh were with me every step of the way. And will help answer any questions you may have. They will also be there for support post transplant

It's a great gift mate I had mine in April 2017 easter Sunday I've not looked back only to thank the staff at the qe and my doner enjoy your life embrace it

Haha, you were just after me, lol. I was discharged from the QE on the Maundy Thursday just before the Easter weekend 2017.

Nice one I was in Icu overnight easter Sunday and discharged the following Saturday bit of a whirlwind stay well.we have a bond lol

Hi, 3 years post transplant here, had mine at Addenbrookes, welcome to the recycled parts club. Hope all is going ok

Hilary xx


Hello Michael and welcome.

Michaelh74 in reply to Kristian


Hiya. How are you feeling? I'm pre-transplant, so I can't imagine coming out of the other side 🤔. My anxiety is epic at the moment 😵

I wish you all the best .. look after your lovely new liver🥰

Thanks for your message. Are you on the list? Where are you based?

Hiya, yep on the list.... again 🙄. It's always great to hear from people who have recently been there. I am so frightened😵.

I'm in Nottingham, so will be at Addenbrookes. They're a great bunch and I have every faith that my turn will come 🌞

Again, I wish you so much happiness 💕xx

Lam1e in reply to mattymoo33

Your turn will come and your transplant team will look after you really well! My co-ordinator was with me every step of the way answering questions! Of course you are frightened, but the Gift you are given is so precious and gives you a second chance of life🙏 Stay safe👍

mattymoo33 in reply to Lam1e

Thanks lovely, night night 😴 xx

I can understand you being frightened but I agree, your transplant team will look after you. They are there to help and answer any questions. They will also help put you at ease every step of the way. And the difference you feel afterwards is amazing

Good luck and stay safe 💜🌈

Thank you , night night 😴

Hello Mike, I was scheduled for tx in October, estimated to be between May to August until Covid came along which has really put a spanner in the works, I was dx with Advanced Liver Disease 15 years aged 24, there are many that have had a longer plight, keep well xx

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