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How do you know if your fatty liver is healing?


Hi guys,

I was diagnosed with grade1 fatty liver in November 2019. I have bad anxiety issues. B12 was low. Lft was normal in November 2019 but when checked again in January 2020 sgot/pt was 38/67 and rest of lft was normal. I was tested again in April of 2020 sgot/pt was 36/49 and rest of lft was normal. Doctors ordered a ct scan with IV because of my ruq pain, everything came back normal except for the liver which said diffuse fatty liver. I'm 25 years old and have had alcohol frequently since 18 but never in excess. I have quit since November 2019. I am a bit over weight and have been eating healthy. I do have episodes of depression thinking have I ruined my life by drinking and the next day I'll fine. Doctors had put me on anti deppressents and they worked well. But I still have low energy and have gastric and acidity problem if I have spicy food.

So the answer I am looking for is whether my fatty liver is healing given the lowering sgot/pt levels?

Thanks in advance

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Go for fibroscan to measure fat and onward unexpected problems

My doctor says fibro scan is not necessary since ultrasound showed mild infiltration of fat in liver.

Follow koushik21 below reply she is 💯 percent right as there is no treatment except exercise and healthy diet..

Stop drinking

If you have given up alcohol, eating plenty of fruit and veg plus protein rich food and exercising regularly your fatty liver will heal. If spicy food is causing you gastric problems don't eat it. If you do all these things you won't have cause to be anxious or depressed. But you have to be committed.

Good luck


Kaushik21 in reply to Laura009

Thank you for the reassurance.

I was falling behind the exercise and healthy eating from the past few weeks. Also I haven't touched alcohol in 7 months.

I should try and stay committed like you said.


Laura009 in reply to Kaushik21

Well done ! Keep motivated. Once you get exercising every day you will find you don't want to miss a day. It's 1 thing it's great to get addicted to 💪😀🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️


Good m orning ,

As our other forum embers have said, the key thing for improving your fatty liver is positive lifestyle change - minimal alcohol, healthy diet and exercise.

I have included a link to the British Liver Trust information on Non Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Diesease(NAFLD)

Take care,



If you have not consumed alcohol for 7 months then your fatty liver stage 1 should be healed. As other posts, recommend a healthy diet and exercise is the answer.

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