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Permanent liver damaged. So scared


Hello, I really need a sobersita to get in touch with me tonight. I am very scared. I am 28 and have been binge drinking on weekends for about 8 years or more now. I can go a couple of weekends but mainly every weekend I can drink up to two bottles of wine in one night. I did three weeks AF in January ad felt so much better for myself. Recently I have had slip ups due to feeling lonely, depressed, family problems and thinking opening a bottle of wine was allowed as I was finding things tough. This weekend as most weekends, I binged but I think my body is giving up on me now. I had about 2.5 bottles Saturday, 1.5 Sunday and 0.5 Monday. Since Monday I have had a dull pain in my side and I am freaking out and thinking it is the start of liver failure. It is Wednesday and it is still there, I have gently massaged my side and I am sure this is my liver. I have googled, I have called 111 but they tel me to just wait for a doctors appointment. I feel so alone in my fear. I cannot tell anyone I know about this> I know I shouldn't go to A&E but I don't know what to do. Do you think it is too late for me now and my liver won't repar? Please someone get in touch. Please

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Alexandra you need to tackle this drinking and well you know it from our earlier discussions when you were scared about your ALT readings. You have probably got some degree of liver inflammation / alcoholic hepatitis due to your drinking of late. This is probably not permanent damage and if you can calm down the drinking you should reverse whatever is going on.

I refer you back to the British Liver Trust guidance on alchol at :-

Please take it on board and look after yourself. The answer to loneliness, depression and problems is not found at the bottom of a bottle - alcohol is a depressant drug and will only succeed in dragging your mood down even further.

Wishing you all the very best, Katie :)

Hi Katie,

Yes I am not happy with myself. I was doing well and improving. I am now so scared at what you say about liver inflammation / alcoholic hepatitis. Can this not be reversed? Should I go to hospital? I am seeing a lady who is taking me to AA tomorrow

Inflammation/hepatitis due to alcohol IS reversible if you can manage to stay off the booze. If you don't stop drinking your inflammation can lead on to fibrosis and cirrhosis so please, please heed the warning shot. Go to your AA sessions and good luck with it.

Katie x

Thank you Katie. I will this is too much now and it has to stop x

You are young with a full life ahead of you. Please do tackle it before your liver does become damaged - the power is in your hands alone and although its going to be a challenge you can do this. Use the support of AA and perhaps any offered counselling that might help tackle your other underlying worries and issues. Don't want to find you posting on here every few months/years as your health goes downhill.

Go for it girl, you can do it, really rooting for you.

Katie xx

Thank you Katie! So I will be okay if I stop? I am seeing a doctor next week too x

They reckon that even early cirrhosis is reversable. You never had cirrhosis before Christmas with your low ALT reading so it's highly unlikely you've sustained permanent damage in a few weeks even at the rate of drinking you've done. BUT the only way to stop any further damage is to heed the warning and stop now. Be honest with your doctor, get some fresh tests and really do proceed to sobriety. The inflammation should settle and any current damage should heal - the liver is an amazing organ with its self-healing properties but it can only take so much.

Most importantly a few months down the line when the symptoms have eased and blood tests are normal don't fall into the trap of having a glass now and again because your liver is already grumbling & that tells you that you're probably one of those who won't get away with even guideline limit drinking without causing problems.

Check back in after you've seen your doctor and let us know how you get on.

Katie x

Thank you. I will x

I think it's very unlikely you've done any permanent damage. If anything at all its probably some inflammation from the binge drinking as Katie suggests.

It sounds to me like you have anxiety, and perhaps some depression, that can be caused by the drinking and causes a vicious circle of anxiety and depression leading to drinking. Then more anxiety and depression. It's well documented that alcohol is a depressant.

Whatever, you definitely have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and need to give it up at least until you are certain it's not causing you liver damage and you're not using it as an emotional crutch.

I would see your GP next week and discuss not only the alcohol but also the anxiety, depression and loneliness.

I had mild depression once. These things changed my life and turned it around. I stopped drinking altogether, I took up a hobby I was passionate about when I was younger, and I started getting fit. The other thing was a short self study on mindfulness.

The Dr prescribed me anti depressants which I stopped taking after a couple of weeks because I already felt like they were unnecessary.

Good luck!

Hi you're not too old to stop and remain healthy. You don't necessarily need a and e but I'd take a trip to see my doc if I was you just to get it properly checked.

When I was in my late teens we did this binge drinking too, but after a friend was raped we all dialled it back. By the time I was 23 my friends and I decided we'd not drink but pretend we were drunk. It was hilarious talking tro others who were drunk as if you were drunk yourself. You have to get into the drunk mood without alcohol - the

Wine is easy torre have been experiments done where people are at a party and are given non alcoholic drinks but many got drunk on the atmosphere and cos somehow they thought they should be drunk, so there's science behind it!

My hubby drank zero zero beers, I know there is alcohol free wine too so you don't need to look like a lemon with a glass of coca cola or anything.

Good luck hun x

hi alex think of your liver as ;skin; if it is cut it can heal up completely, if it is cut too much it will scar, think of a bad burn that is just scar tissue.

most of the time a liver can heal itself if it is not to bad

but alex it seem you need a shock to get you out of your rut

parting word to the wise if you have a additive personalty do not replace boooz with something else

Thank you all. I still have a discomfort under my rib and in my side. Thanks s is my wake up call. I'm terrified. I will have to see a doctor x

hi Alex those dull aches can take weeks to clear up-after heavy binges maybe up to 6 or more. The longer you stay off drink the better you will feel. I agree with the others its highly unlikely you've done serious permanent damage but take heed.

I recently got out of tne hospital with liver failutre, pancreatitis, accute hepitaic failure, sepsis, pneumonia

This is no joke. I was told i may have a few hours to live.. They even asked if i wanted to talk to the hospital parishioner.

I was in there almost 2 weeks. I had the same pain on under my right side. I thought i pulled a muscle in my ribcage. And than the pain moved to left side.

I also binge drink. Its been going on since July 2016.

This not good. You need to be seen imediatly. I may have to get a liver transplant. Im 46 yrs pld And have been drinking hard since 2009

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