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Apologies for absence xx

Hello everyone, just wanted to apologise for my absence from the site.

I am in the process of moving house.

We should finally move in on the 20th of this month.

However, I fear the work load in trying to decorate the house (renamed by me as the “money pit”). Will keep me very busy for some months (possibly years! LOL)

So,may I respectfully, beg your forgiveness, in my tardiness to reply.

My husband celebrated his 80th birthday party yesterday. So we had a break from the endless packing. Back to it today.

I read about everyone not sleeping. I understand this all too well. Up and running at 4.30 am this morning, which is a good thing for the packing hubby says. LOL.

I think I understand now why I used to hear people say, “oh I am too old to move house”. At 68 I think I am too old LOL. I also think my bloods are dropping again as I am exceptionally tired and breathless again! Or could this just be the move !

Thinking about you all constantly. So, if I am not around much, please forgive, and know I have not forgotten about you.

Stay strong and happy everyone.


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No need to apologise, you've always been there for everyone. I really hope the move goes well. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Thank you Lynne xx

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Pm me whenever you need to. You know I'm usually up at night anyway!!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Oh dear Jaycee. You know what they say about moving house and it being mega stressful. Lucky lucky me only 4 house moves since I got married - 43 years 👍😀 - but 21 before that - thanks Dad lol!!

Happy belated Birthday to hubby 👍. What a star! Oh and of course you are too 👍😀.

Hope it goes well on Wednesday!!


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I've only ever lived in two houses, with my Mum and Dad until I married Dave and 29 years here!! Love and hugs to you and your family Lynne xxxx

Thank you Miles. Been up since 4.30 just packing lol

"Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag, and Smile, Smile, Smile"

That's so moving. 😁

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That me to a tee ! Much more than you know., new life, new home. Thank you so much Ofeckman xx Jaycee

Congrats Jaycee on the new digs! I know a few things about packing and moving, it can be very stressful. Take care not to overdo and try to rest up, and eat well.

I love to decorate! If you need any help, please PM me, l am not a professional, but decorating has been an interest of mine for the past 35 years. Here's your chance to make this home truly yours!

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Oh bootandall,what a lovely thing to say. I am useless at decorating walls and such. Painting and redoing kitchens. That’s the bad news.

On the plus side, in my life I have owned 3 businesses.

The first was a removal and storage company - so that comes in handy right now.

Then I went on to weddings in my then home of Cyprus. So once again I was dealing with stressed out folks. So that helps my stress level !

I also had a decoration company where we went into a venue and made it look wonderful for the brides day.

Again it just may come in handy with my purchase of “The Money Pit”.

LOL. However confident I am NOT.

It’s just not my thing.

I am 100% sure you are way more qualified to decorate and do the interior design aspect. I have worked all my life but never doing things like this in a home. This is all new to me.

I also feel the older I get, the less able I am to make a decision!!!

So a new learning curve for me.

Thank you so much xxx


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You most certainly are qualified then to manage your projects well. If l can help you gather your thoughts, it is really just a matter of thinking it through ahead of time. I enjoy that process very much, so the offer stands if you want some hand holding, l would love to help! ☺️

Be settled for Xmas Jaycee. X

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Live in hope !

Good luck with the move!

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Thank you xx

Thank you everyone xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jaycee,

Good luck with the moving and decorating! Even better luck with the packing!! During our moves my husband does his stuff, I do the special dishes - some are old & then the others are wedding gifts :-). I usually end up using large garbage bags for all my other stuff LOL.

Are you both good packers?

Keep yourself healthy while moving - always a stressful activity.

Best wishes,


Sending you good wishes for your move jaycee, take care of yourself,

Warm wishes


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Thank you all so much xxx jaycee

best wishes for a hitch-free move Jaycee and a joyful making it as beautiful as befits xx

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Thank you dear filistines x

Good luck tomorrow blackpearl 👍👍👍👍👍

Thank you so much xxx cannot sleep currently. I will be pleased when it is all over. However, the place needs so much work I do not think I will re surface until March !! LOL. Hope you are well and happy. Thank you so much for your reply xx. Jaycee

No apologies necessary Jaycee. I hope the move goes smoothly👍👍👍


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Thank you David. X

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