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Opinions are like a*******s...we've all got one and they all stink! πŸ’©πŸ’©

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Apologies for the profanity. I'm not entirely sure what's been going on here the last few days, all I know is my friend snoutie has left, and Richard, another friend is considering leaving because there's been some sort of hoo ha/bullying/trolling!? Most of us are poorly, some extremely, and have enough on our plates without dragging each other. Have a think, be kind, and if you can't, be quiet, (stacies grandma (Elsie, the legend), 1935-present). It's not applicable all the time, if I see someone bullied I'm like a tiger. But I try, I know we all could and should. Don't want new people thinking we're a nasty lot! Because we're not are we?

Love to all (and your stinky a*******sπŸ’©πŸ’©)

Stacie xxxx

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Well said Count Stacie ❀

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Snoutie has morphed. Not left.

I agree with you also.

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What, he's now that little clay animation from my childhood. Not Morph surely not: youtube.com/watch?v=7sUJRx-...

Thanks Stacie,

It’s Snoutie, a few β€˜technical’ issues have resulted in my username change but here I am and so very grateful for your support. I am Transplant Team 2018, abbreviated of course. A tribute to the people who have allowed me to have an opinion by keeping me alive.

Thank you as well to everyone who has been so very kind and offered me the support and encouragement this week, in particular American Democrat and Richard64. A poster came to this forum for advice and took the advice, let’s keep this forum that way. It is to help each other and offer support with our various illness issues.

If anyone finds the question and advice strange, then please do it in PM.


Good to have you back Mark. Xxx

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Hi, yes I thought exactly that, if someone disagrees with an opinion shared by another poster, it makes so much sense to have a private message discussion where things can be said to just that person, and not escalate into a brawl. It also means if things get misconstrued then the original poster can explain without then others getting all offended thinking it's a general comment rather than in response to something.

I also think everyone should feel they can say what they believe to be correct from their experiences, and not be admonished for sharing these beliefs. As long as we all speak with kindness, respect and empathy to eachother, even if we don't all agree we can have our own opinions.

Glad you have returned Mark

Best wishes

It is not nice to hear negative and some times hurtful opinion's, All you can do is ignore those people and if any thing feel sorry for them quite obvious that there is some thing wrong with them mentally.

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Hear, hear blue moon. 😊

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In the spirit of this thread, I am not sure that it is wise or proper to ascribe mental health problems to others. If someone has to deliver a message to you that you do not want to hear, you get upset and they are labelled as having mental health problems. Far better to find the positives in a comment that you initially find negative. Sometimes we need honesty and not just affirming platitudes.

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I agree but the said response i gather was hurtful which is not in the spirit of this site,it is wise to find an escuse for such behaviour i was probably hasty in saying mental problem's,i know only to well of mental problem's as my daughter has big problem's.

Good morning all, l sincerely hope that the the events of the past few days are now behind us and we can all go on trying to help and support each other.

I have been humbled by the support l've had from others, and would like to say a BIG thankyou to all those who sent kind words of encouragement.

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I hope that's it now too , Glad your not going Richard. πŸ™‚

"Have a think, be kind, and if you can't, be quiet".

Lots of wisdom there, it's simple and true.

Unless of course you feel that you have to stand up for the underdog or the bullied, then sitting on the fence is not on. I so despise bullies.

All the best to you and granny.


Thanks pigeon, she's full of wisdom bless her and thankfully still full of life. 😊

And if there is going to be drama, please do the decent thing and let me know in advance so I can make a cup of tea and watch it unfold πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

No dramas!!

Well said Stacey, this is normally such a nice place to visit, and even although I don't often post, I do visit regularly, and I have always felt it a welcome place, but lets put the last weeks where in belongs, in the past, and start looking forward to the brighter future we are all hoping and praying for.



Did you really need to sink to this level of language to make a point about such a serious subject? I have to say I am surprised and disappointed in this as your posts are usually spot on,

It seems others feel this is OK? I am not a prude, but really?


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Dear miles, I'm sorry you're upset and disappointed, and although I respect your opinion, I'm not sorry for the post, it says exactly what I wanted to say. Although there's what id term a 'mild' swearword in the title I felt it got the message of being more tolerant of each other and our views across well, sorry it's not as eloquent as you're used to from me. Cards on the table, i moderate my language and posts a lot for this site, I'm not the most pc of people and if I didn't self moderate my language, id probably be banned for life, but it would never be through nastiness to others, just my colourful vocab. The mods will probably be on it soon anyway, but in respect to you and anyone else it has offended, I'll asterix some letters in the title.

Stacie. Xxx

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You should hear what I consider mild swear words lol!

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Hi Stacie

Well I get what you are saying and so eloquently put πŸ˜€ so thank you for that πŸ‘


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